About Sonia Rumzi

Sonia Rumzi Headshot Brown HatAn international best selling author, Sonia Rumzi’s debut novel Simple Conversation made the Kindle Best Seller list for Women’s Fiction.

A few months later came Caring for Eleanor, the second in a three part series about the fictional character Salma Keir.

In the third and last of the series, Salma appears again in Nightfall Of Her Life, winning past her legacy and experiences.

“Writing is as natural to me as breathing. Except breathing does not take as much effort to refine.” – Sonia Rumzi

“If you do not like my writing, stop reading my books. You are not my reader. It is perfectly alright. If you want to send me a note to tell me that alright is written all right, please don’t. I already know!” – Sonia Rumzi

Authors, book reviewers, bloggers, and fans across the globe agree: “Sonia Rumzi’s novels and short stories are well written, bringing instant life to her characters.”

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The voice inside me,
the rational one,
the observant one,
shows its talent only in what I share
in the written word.

When I talk,
I do not write.

And as such, I practice silence
so that my inner voice
would find its way out.

In silence, my ears do the work
And what I hear fills me with words
to be poured out unspoken
but for the eyes.

Suggestion, opinion, idea,
left inside me
Makes me more likely to
write it down.

A thought carried through the air
with sound,
Falls short.
The written word demands
eyes, thought and reason.

And so, I write,
to give voice to
my thoughts;
Only the ones
i wish to share.

- Sonia Rumzi