Inspire Yourself

Inspiration is difficult to come by when you are involved in the folds and intricacies of life. It doesn’t often materialize in the ways we expect. It can be extremely inconvenient, popping up during the school run or just as you are about to sleep.

And yet we all need a little inspiration every now and then, whether it be to carry on with a mundane task or challenge your mind with a Sudoku puzzle or game of Foxy Bingo. Inspiration is what keeps us developing, viewing other perspectives and growing as writers, as artists, as people.

So how do you inspire yourself?

Find the place where you can be the most creative

As writers, musicians and artists we all need a little place we can go to be creative. Maybe you discovered it on a long walk or created it within the guest bedroom, it is the peaceful place where ideas generate and thoughts are collected and filed away for safe keeping. Some of us find park benches to be places that allow our thoughts to flow, while others opt to people watch in a coffee shop.

Creating your private space

When you create a private space, what do you fill it with? It is like a blank canvas filled with special things that mean something to you. These can be pictures of loved ones, paintings, certificates and trophies, books that inspired you in the past, or even a fresh bunch of flowers. Whatever you use should optimize everything that makes you, you.

Inspirational people

Ever listened to a person tell a story about their life that made you stop and think? Inspirational people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, popping up in unexpected places at all hours of the day. Inspirational people are those who, despite their responsibilities, their troubles, their sadness about the unfairness of life, still walk around with a smile and optimistic skip in their step. People who refuse to let negativity get to them and tarnish their beliefs. That is one type of inspirational person, and there are many more.