Limoges and Sevres are my Passion

As I complained that my knowledge of antiques was nil, my bet friend’s mother suggested that ignorance was a choice. All one had to do was pick up a book, start some research and learn how to see and judge what one sees. Sound advice for a twelve year old who took her seriously.

As years went by, I did what she suggested and progressed. I picked up books, visited antique stores and learned. Developing a liking, I saw, bought and collected what I loved. I fell in love with fine china.

Because of my daughter, some of my stuff was saved from the trash or from second hand stores. When I started to travel for work, I got rid of most of what I collected and she saved some of it.

I share with you here some of the pieces I fell in love with over the years and collected. It is not a huge collection neither am I showing you all of it, but it is decent enough.

Limoges candy dish with handle.jpg

Limoges Candy or Jewelry Dish

Limoges creamer and milk pots.jpg

Limoges Creamer and Sugar Bowl

Limoges green hot chocolate pot.jpg

Limoges Hot Chocolate Pot

Limoges teapot.jpg

Limoges Teapot