Potato Lovers Can Have it a Different Way

1Peel potatoes if desired

Peel potatoes or leave the skin on. Up to you.

2Cauliflower and potatoes

Break the cauliflower head into florets with a knife or by hand.

3Steam togther with salt

Steam on the stove together with salting to your taste and need.

4Mash with butter and pepper

Transfer hot into a bowl and add milk, egg, butter and pepper. Do not worry about the egg, it will poach in the hot mixture but it is necessary to keep the vegetable together and for a better taste.

Simple and really easy.

1 head of cauliflower sectioned into florets.

2 potatoes peeled (or not) diced (optional)

2 Tbsp butter

1/4 cup milk

1 egg

salt and pepper to taste


Steam cauliflower and potatoes together with salt.

Place hot vegetables in a bowl.

Add egg, butter and milk with pepper.

Mash with emersion blender or by hand.


If you want an even more weight loss recipe, eliminate the potatoes and have the cauliflower mash. It is a great alternative for mash potato lovers. 


Even my grandson who is 16 could not recognize the difference and gobbled it up.


Buon appetito!

Luxurious Mix and Match Hand Made and Dyed Silks

My newest and most ardent passion is silk. Touching, feeling, sewing, shaping and then adding color to the lush fabric puts a huge smile on my face that turns to giggles and laughter.

Here is some of my latest work:

Emerald Blue kimono floor lengthHand made Emerald Blue Kimono, floor length with Shibori technique on collar and sleeves.

Emerald camisole blue Thai pantsEmerald camisole and hand made Thai pants.

Gutta silver outline blue scarf with treesHand painted silk scarf.

Shibori technique carribbean blue scarfHand dyed blue scarf with Shibori technique.

All pieces are to mix and match for an incredible luxurious look and feel.


Show Piece on the Dance Floor

My father whom I admired with all my heart said that, “A man takes a woman to the dance floor and she becomes his show-piece. He does not overcome her with his presence but shows off her beauty and charm. He shows her off.”

When I saw Easy Virtue, I thought of my wonderful father and his poignant thoughts on the subject. As a man from Egypt, one would not think he was so progressive and avant-garde. But he was. When he died, I was heart-broken. He left me with thoughts and ideas to last me till the day I die.

People have suggested that I walk well in high heels. Non other than my father is responsible for that also. When he saw me walking like a new born giraffe, he took it upon himself to spend some evenings with me. He placed a book on my head and watched me walk back and forth in the living room till I managed to step properly.

“If you cannot walk in the damn shoes, don’t wear them,” he said several times, smiling and indulging me.

I also indulged him and followed his direction. Though small in stature, he was large in spirit and heart. No one else took the time but my father taught me to Tango, Rumba, Samba and Waltz.

This dance is for my father whom I loved.

Laying Down of Your Life

Before you consider laying your life down for your fellow man, consider laying yourself down daily in the small things of life.

Our need to be first overrides our sensibilities resulting in the small infractions of life. Stepping aside for someone on the same small sidewalk or pavement instead of fighting for the narrow space could be one.

Walking behind a car at the light instead of in front of it, could save the driver time wasted, waiting for you to cross on foot in front of the car. It might delay you two seconds but it gives you the opportunity to allow someone the advantage over you for a few seconds.

When standing in line and searching for your money, you could step aside for the next person who is ready with wallet and cash. It might hinder your progress but it is worth setting someone ahead to curb your need to be first.

Small things, daily encounters in life are the practice grounds for the laying down of your life if it ever comes up. One baby step at a time.