10 Things to an Effective Worker


Be the bloom in the desert
The light in the dark


10- Be on time.
It does not matter that your Boss does not care, when, you arrive. Be on time. It should be noted by everyone and your Boss, that you always show up at a specific time. It makes you reliable.
Reputation: Reliable

9- Listen to instructions.
When someone is teaching you something about the job, listen carefully, even if you know it. There is nothing more frustrating than teaching someone something, then having them go out and do it wrong anyway. It makes you look stupid.
Reputation: Teachable

8- Watch your expressions.
Yes, people do notice when you roll your eyes and when you raise your eyebrows and when you make faces. Watch the expressions that tell others that they are crazy or stupid. Does not make for good relations at work.
Reputation: Positive

7- Watch your body language.
If you sit in a meeting, arms crossed and scowling, you give the impression that you are closed off to instruction and ideas. If you stiffen, every time your boss suggests something, they will notice your non compliance. Relax! It is, only, where you get a paycheck.
Reputation: Team-player

6- Do not gossip.
Even if you think the story is true. Even if you know the story is true and the person told you themselves. Resist the temptation to confirm it. Resist the temptation to repeat it. Also, surprisingly, resist the temptation to have it repeated to you. You will be accused of spreading it, eventually.
Reputation: Trustworthy

5- Do not write anything incriminating in your work e-mail.
People think that their e-mail is private. It is not. Your IT can access your e-mail anytime. They know how long you are on the net, too. They have the history of where you have been, also. Anything you write on e-mail belongs to your workplace. Suggestion: do not write that, you hate your boss on e-mail.
Reputation: Smart

4- Never use empty threats.
Never ever threaten to quit or get a better job, unless you really plan on doing it. If you ever threaten to leave, you need to leave immediately. Nothing is more disgusting than empty threats that your boss will recognize eventually when you linger on.
Reputation: Genuine

3- Make sure you are an expert in your field.
If you want to be respected and wanted, know your business. If you know your work marginally, then you can be replaced. If you know your work thoroughly and do it well, you are invaluable to your employer.
Reputation: Go-To

2- Share your knowledge with other workers.
Sharing your expertise and your knowledge with other employees puts you on a stronger footing with management. It shows that you know your field. It also shows that you are not afraid to be replaced. You are the asset.
Reputation: An Asset

1- Be a Team Player.
Nothing is harder than this one. You will, meet people, who are better, than you are, in the job, and many many, who perform very poorly. Your role as a strong, solid worker is to be able to manage working with both. Pick up the pace when you need to move things forward with the weak links. But, step back and learn from the ones who are better and can teach you things.
Reputation: Dependable

Follow these or some of the rules and you will be noticed and rewarded.

  • http://sparklemezen.wordpress.com/ Savira

    Points that need to be framed and placed in front of every ones work desk…

    • Sonia Rumzi

      Thank you Savy. I was told it was too strict and too regulated. :)