The Coming of Spring in Oils

B W The Coming of Spriing copy 2

One of the most beautiful things my husband and I have done over the years is travel the West Coast, take photographs and then paint them. On one such trip, we came across a melting area that was obviously covered with snow earlier and it left us breathless. Here is my rendition of such an event. Join me in enjoying the view.

Little Italy Art Festival, San Diego

When I woke up today, I was not expecting to go anywhere special. But as usual, my husband Steve had his own ideas of how our day was going to develop. Much to my delight and surprise, he suggested we go to the Little Italy Street Art Festival which happens once a year at this time.

After a cup of Starbucks coffee, off we went on the Metro to Little Italy. Without too many more words, I will share my experience in photographs. Please enjoy!

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When You Want It Perfect Do It Yourself

Shrimp Bisque Demitasse.JPG

“You never ever get rid of anything,” says my daughter Nadya, all the time.

It is true if I can conceive of using whatever could be thrown out. I use raw shrimp for my recipes and I keep the raw peels. I double bag and freeze them for the time I need and want a seafood broth.

Here is a recipe I made this afternoon. My husband does not care for cream soups much so I devised a way to eliminate the dairy part of it and used coconut milk.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Bel Hanna Wel Sheffa

Bowl of Shrimp Bisque.JPG

-Shrimp Broth
- 6 cups water
- 1 large onion
- Peels of 2 lbs shrimp
- 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
- 1 tsp paprika
- 1 tsp old bay
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 1 tsp pepper

- Bisque
- 2 Tbsp tomato paste
- 2 Tbsp olive oil
- 3 Tbsp butter
- 2 Tbsp flour
- 1 can coconut milk


1- In a large pot, boil in the 6 cups of water, the onion, shrimp peels, nutmeg, paprika, old bay, salt and pepper.

2- Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes.

3- Add tomato paste and whisk. Simmer another 10 minutes then remove from heat.

4- Pour the broth through a sieve and discard the solids.

5- Makes approximately 4 cups of broth. Set broth aside.


6- In the same pot, melt butter and add olive oil and heat on medium heat.

7- Add flour and whisk vigorously to fry the flour without burning it.

8- Add 4 cups of broth while whisking to avoid lumps.

9- When thickened, add tomato paste and whisk the paste in thoroughly.

10- Simmer on low heat for ten more minutes and remove from heat.