Allowing Dog to Piddle In Tennis Courts

Dear Baba Rumcake,
I was admonished by a man in the tennis courts because my wonderful and very old dog Ruff peed on the net. I apologized for my dog’s mishap but he kept shouting at me. He even suggested I should come back with a towel to clean under the net. I was very upset with the encounter. I felt harassed and worried for my safety. I quickly exited the chain link fence and headed out.
How should I have dealt with this? How should I deal with it next time?
Concerned in Oahu

Dear Concerned,
I’m even calling you dear much to my consternation and dismay.

You walked your dog, old as it may be, in a fenced tennis court. You let bowzer piss on the net? Naturally it dripped to the ground making a puddle.

Now you want to know what do next time?

How about being less of a cretin and not taking your dog into the fenced-in tennis courts where he pisses all over the place. Balls will roll into the acrid urine getting disgusting and nasty for others to handle.

Mishap? Mishap indeed but it is not the dog’s mishap. It is your own lack of discipline. You are the owner, the human, the accountable one. You are the one who put yourself in that unseemly position. Get a life! The world is not your toilet and not your dog’s either.

A poor excuse of a dog caretaker. A perfect example of irresponsibility. It is your own poor judgment and lack of social skills that placed you in that unseemly position.

Your fear of the man who confronted you comes from your inability to take responsibility for your behavior. If you want to know what to do next time, do not allow your dog in the courts. Not so hard. Not so difficult.

That should take care of your problem. If you had half a brain. Assuming you were not raised in a barn.

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