If You Make Them Yawn, Then What?

MG 2039Too much description and the story gets lost. Too much description and the tale gets swallowed in stagnant fantasy of a lazy writer. If the description is for none other than word count, it turns the tale into mush and boredom sets into the reader. If I can get my reader to the point of yawning in the middle of the night and still hard pressed to put my novel down, I have succeeded. If on the other hand, they yawn and skip most of what I wrote without missing any of the story then I failed miserably.

If the description helps the story, please by all means keep doing it. If it hinders the flow of your story, use an axe, the delete button or whatever is at your disposal to hack at it until the bare essentials are there. It is difficult to cut and splice the words we so diligently sweat over but if we do not do it, the reader will do it for us skipping over all those tedious descriptions that got in the way of their enjoyment. An enjoyment that could mean reading another of our creations or not.

We write for entertainment. Is that true? Are you an entertainer of sorts or do you believe that your books will be studied in colleges over the next few decades and centuries. If so, please disregard my suggestions here and keep doing what you like to do.

Happy Writing!