Left Handedness Is From the Devil

left handed.jpg

Me, left handed cooking.

My first grade teacher (bless her heart) hit me with a ruler because I used my left hand to write. I spent most of the year trying to use my weaker hand for the most important thing in class, writing. I did not do well in school that year or any other for that matter. She believed that being left handed came from the devil who whispered over our shoulders from the very same side, the left side.

But, here is what matters, I am still left handed, while I also use my right hand.

In her attempt to make me a “normal” right handed person, my teacher managed to make me ambidextrous. I do not remember how awful it was to be beaten with a ruler. All I know is that I use both hands now.

I stir food with my left hand and write with my right hand. I change from one hand to the other if the light is just right when I color my drawings. I write with my left hand on a blackboard but sweep the floors with my left hand. I play tennis with my left hand but crocket with my right hand. I surf the web and use a mouse with my right hand but draw with my right hand.

I am sending thanks and blessing to my teacher who made me part of who I am today, Ambidextrous and loving it. Thank you, I am grateful.

Right handed.jpg

Me, right handed writing.

  • http://www.everydaygyaan.com/ Corinne Rodrigues

    I’m left handed too, Sonia.  My mom ‘saved’ me from a teacher who wanted to make me left-handed.  But I love who you’ve seen the good in what happened to you ?

    • Sonia Rumzi

       Corinne, I miss you. Have been hiding and working on my art. I knew you had to be left-handed. Hugs.

      • http://www.everydaygyaan.com/ Corinne Rodrigues

        ? Miss you too. 

  • http://www.nirjharani.blogspot.com/ Ruchira

    Guess what I am ambidextrous too ! And it is a blessing isnt it ! 

    • Sonia Rumzi

      Yes, indeed it is. Thank you Ruchira.

  • Sennenchris

    I too am left handed.  Luckily, my mother prevented my school teachers from changing my hand. I am artistic, have a flair for writing and music and also write artistically on cards and letters :) . I am blessed with great  left hand eye precision, better than all the right handers whom I ‘ve known (from events in bowling, pool, hoopla, basket ball etc)  – Sennen

    • Sonia Rumzi

       Left-handed people are amazing and very artistic. Hooray for left-handedness. Thank you Sennen.

  • Sennenchris

    However I do admire ambidextrous people; my brother is half lefhanded; even though he is right handed, he is left legged and is a great left handed bastman and was a great footballer too in school. He has greater strength in his left hand then many other right handers. Sorry, I don’t think left handedness is from the Devil. It is a misconception people have, and they change their hand, many doctors saw it is not good for the nerves, can cause a mental imbalance  for people who cannot right fast in long theory exams or  who use instruments for long spans of time  (this discovery has been proved for some patients but not for all)- Sennen

    • Sonia Rumzi

       I agree. Hugs.

  • Masters

    when i when to school i didn’t learn at all i was more perceptive and  different i hated school so much i would smash my room when i got confused with home work gave up in year six. it was like its in my head but to put it on paper just impossible like i’am smart but dum with stupidly neat wrighting but cant spell what the hell.
    mentally climbing the wall’s hated the fact you have been forced to learn i have energy to bern music and sport was my interest stuff the reast.
    basically i seem to watch things that happen around me and have the ability to see the bigger picture like a mechanical brain. I Know your emotions and understand the chemical reactions that create them use them to an advantage as they could be a social reaction as to wether you would get on with them or not.