Show Piece on the Dance Floor

My father whom I admired with all my heart said that, “A man takes a woman to the dance floor and she becomes his show-piece. He does not overcome her with his presence but shows off her beauty and charm. He shows her off.”

When I saw Easy Virtue, I thought of my wonderful father and his poignant thoughts on the subject. As a man from Egypt, one would not think he was so progressive and avant-garde. But he was. When he died, I was heart-broken. He left me with thoughts and ideas to last me till the day I die.

People have suggested that I walk well in high heels. Non other than my father is responsible for that also. When he saw me walking like a new born giraffe, he took it upon himself to spend some evenings with me. He placed a book on my head and watched me walk back and forth in the living room till I managed to step properly.

“If you cannot walk in the damn shoes, don’t wear them,” he said several times, smiling and indulging me.

I also indulged him and followed his direction. Though small in stature, he was large in spirit and heart. No one else took the time but my father taught me to Tango, Rumba, Samba and Waltz.

This dance is for my father whom I loved.

Tuesday Mornings: Scones and Biscotti Always Better with Friends

Everything tastes better with friends. Cooking or baking for friends makes it less of a chore or a duty, it becomes a joy to share. Tuesday Mornings is a time for friends and we get together and drink coffee, tea, water, whatever, eat some good foods and work on projects individually. It is a time to share experiences, joy and pleasures and sometimes pain and sorrow. My Tuesday Mornings is a life saver from ennui and stress.

Biscotti and Scones

Today’s offering from Tuesday Mornings:

Pre-heat oven to 425F
Makes 12

2 cup flour
¼ cup sugar
1 Tbsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
2 tsp lemon or orange zest or peel diced
6 Tbsp butter
½ cup currants or cranberries or craisins
¾ cup sour cream

In a food processor:
1- Place flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, orange zest or peel and butter.
2- Pulse 7-8 times until mixed well.
3- Add dried fruit and sour cream.
4- Pulse a few more seconds until mixed.
5- Remove and divide in half.
6- Place in plastic wrap and roll into circle.
7- Peel off plastic and cut into 6 wedges.
8- Place on parchment paper covered cookie sheet.
9- Bake 15-18 minutes.

Important note: Even if they do not look “done” after 18 minutes do not be tempted to bake them further. They will be perfect.

On another note, I have a tendency to keep useful things for future use. Near future. In my refrigerator is a bag of orange peels. When I need an orange sauce or syrup, when I need some orange zest or taste, I use those peels.

Below is what I used for the scones for today:

Ewa 20140311 00753

Carefully remove pulp from the orange skin if you wish.

Ewa 20140311 00755

Look for black spots or damaged skin and remove then slice thin.

San Diego 20140311 00756

Turn sliced peels and dice to bits.

Surf’s Up with Father and Daughter


Father getting ready checking the surf while daughter plays in the sand.



When he is ready, he wades the waters and she bravely treads in with him.




As it gets deeper, he places her on his long board and off they go.


i did not have a long enough lens nor good enough camera to record their return on the larger waves.

As my husband and I watched this amazing short drama, we noticed the little blonde in the shallow surf. Unafraid, she dove again and again in the churning white surf. Fearless, she steadily got up and dove in over and over again.

After Dad finished his stretching on the beach, he picked up his long board and she hopped over excited and jumping up and down. He walked down the beach, she followed and like all children stopped and fiddled with the sand. He kept going and she would look and up and follow. Trust!

After he checked if she was ready, and she hopped up and down again, they got in the water and he paddled them off into the riptide.

Obviously he is an incredible surfer. Obviously he did not need a long board, he could have used a short one with ease but this attentive man brought a long surf board to take his little girl out. Without “teaching” and with just spending a few precious hours with his daughter, he bolstered her up and encouraged her as she learned the skill of riding the waves.

On the way back, riding the waves, we saw him hold her up, show her how to lean always keeping his hands on her. On the second wave, he actually picked her up and moved forward on the board to make it go faster.

Once on shore, her excitement was evident and she clapped her little hands, jumped up and down again and looked up at him with trust born of her short experience in life.

My husband and I were amazed and moved by the whole scene. Whether he knew it or not, this amazing man was making memories with his little girl, making her more confident and self-assured for future success.


Madame Butterfly – Giacomo Puccini

Madame Butterfly  Con Onor muore

                                   Yin Huang- Madame Butterfly saying farewell to her beloved son.

One of the most powerful arias in opera history.  Yin Huang does is justice and then some. If it does not bring tears to your eyes, I am not sure what would. An amazing film but outstanding performance. She expresses innocence, naivete and deep love.

Her American lover did come back as she predicted but not to be with her. He came back to ask for his child. His new wife could not bear him children so he asked her for his son. To release her son and for “the sake of honor”, she kills herself.


Here are the Italian words and their interpretation. 


Con onor muore                  Let there be honor in death
Chi non puo sebar vita       where there is no honor in life.
Con onor                               Let there be honor.

Tu? Tu? Tu? Tu?                  You! You! You! You!
Piccolo iddio!                         My adored one, my love!
Amore, amore mio.               My love, my own love.
Fior                                          My flower,
di giglio e di rosa.                 more precious than lilies and roses!
Non saperlo mai…per te,    You must never know the truth;
Pei tuoi puri occhi                 It is for you my child, for love of you
Muore Butterfly…                  that Butterfly will die!
Perche tu possa andar         You will live happily
Di la dal mare                        across the sea.
Senza che ti ricorda             And spared the memory
Ai di mature                           as you grow
Il materno abbandono         of your mother forsaking you.
O a me, sceso dal trono       For me you came down from the throne
Dell’alto paradise,                 of heaven
Guarda ben fiso, fiso,           Look steadfastly steadfastly,
Di tua madre la faccial!        into your mother’s face!
Che ten’ resti una traccia,    So traces of it ramain in memory,
Guardo ben!                            Look well!
Amore, addio, addio!              My love, goodbye, goodbye!
Piccolo amor!                         Little love!
Va, gioca, gioca.                   Go play, play.

Shopping in person

“Women who shop by telephone do not know what the pleasures of buying are.”

The Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen.


It is true that people who shop by telephone or as it stands now, by internet miss the communication that shopping in person allows.


When buying fabric one touches and feels the textures. When buying food, one smells the sweetness, the sourness or sees the freshness of a melon or a peach.


The actual act of choosing and putting back a purchase is in itself a satisfying action of the soul. It gives the buyer the right to pick and choose what they buy, making it  satisfying to their senses.


A persimmon in a picture is beautiful. But, it will not be the same persimmon delivered to your door if you are not there to pick it. Children and adults go to pumpkin farms to pick their own pumpkin right out of the ground. The pumpkins are there on the dirt they grew out of and get chosen to be taken home by a child. There is almost an act of love in that choice.


The actual interaction between buyer and seller is lost in the telephone and internet shopping venture. There is direct human contact with the act of giving and receiving, in buying and selling. Money has to be exchanged. Trust has to be built. Smiles are exchanged. A feeling of wholeness and well being as you walk away with your purchases having been satisfied by the interaction.


Money seems removed from people who are wealthy. In that, they do not use actual currency. Very few carry cash. In this day and age of computers and automation, it makes no sense. Everything is delivered, from merchant to laborer. Even money in the form of credit cards, is delivered from the bank to the credit card company without involvement of the buyer.


Things are moving forward and that is good and wonderful. We have to progress and move along with the times. Yet, just a reminder, be careful how much you automate your life, be careful how much you separate yourself and be aware of the consequences of isolation.