Melted Time Of Old Friendships

_MG_4544.jpgI had not seen her in 20 years. I missed her. She possessed kind eyes, a kinder heart and an innocent soul. Her love for me was endless. Filled with encouragement and joy were the messages she sent me through others.

Our communication dwindled over the years until very rare missives passed between us. We lost touch in the most basic forms. Very rare noise, information or word came to me from or about her. My love grew over the years through prayer and I never gave up hope of seeing her.

Then I heard that she arrived and I could go visit. A long 14 hour trip over the North American continent from state to state brought me to where she stayed with family.

When I lay eyes on her, my heart lurched with the passage of time over her kind lovely face. It was the same compassionate visage aged and beloved. I hugged her as she covered my face with kisses. Lost time, lost age of camaraderie and friendship came tumbling over us in those first moments.

Tears of joy, amazement and happiness accompanied our first contact after all these years. Her precious face was a sight for sore eyes and as we talked of love and friendship, the time melted away to nothing. The 20 years became as a day.

  • Bradford Walker

    Its very difficult to forget past friend and memories.  After reading this post, I am also missing one of my old friends. I really loved him. But, I can not do anything except missing him.
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    • Sonia Rumzi

      Bradford, it is a blessing that I managed to see her. i am delighted and I understand your feelings. Thank you for leaving me a note.

  • Allan Douglas

    Beautiful, Sonia, just beautiful.  Dang, I seem to have gotten some dust in my eye…

    • Sonia Rumzi

      Thank you Allan. Hugs.

  • Dian429

    Sonia, this was just beautiful. Makes me think of someone I miss very much also. Time has gone by to fast and the miles in between have grown with time. Thank you for this.

    • Sonia Rumzi

      Thank you! I love her and it was so good to see her.