The Title of the Book Matters Little

What mattered to me was the impact it had on my reader. I am not selling you my book, I am sharing an incredible review that warmed my heart and reminded me again why I write.


Review on Amazon for one of the short stories:
I can’t explain why this short story by Sonia Rumzi has impacted me to the depth that it has. Perhaps it is because my spouse has died, and it presents a completely different perspective on what awaits us.

Whatever the reason, I am so very glad that I read this book. It has touched my heart – dare I say, my soul – and offered comfort – for which I sincerely thank the author.

From Hibiscus

Thank you whoever you are out there. I am honored and gratified.

  • Totsymae

    Nice, Sonia. That’s not surprising.

    • Sonia Rumzi

      Thank you dear friend. I am was touched and thrilled.