Joshua Tree Spooky or Lovely?

When you come into Joshua Tree National Park it may not seem interesting or different. But once you enter the gates and you see the structures and the plant life, it will take your breath away that such strangeness exists. Life and death are so close at hand here. It starts off benign enough then transforms to these weird rock formations and plant life.

Joshua Tree5

Joshua Tree51

Joshua Tree55

Joshua Tree120

Little Italy Art Festival, San Diego

When I woke up today, I was not expecting to go anywhere special. But as usual, my husband Steve had his own ideas of how our day was going to develop. Much to my delight and surprise, he suggested we go to the Little Italy Street Art Festival which happens once a year at this time.

After a cup of Starbucks coffee, off we went on the Metro to Little Italy. Without too many more words, I will share my experience in photographs. Please enjoy!

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