Glaring At My Husband

Dear Baba Rumcake,

Don’t you love it when people give you dirty looks because, you are, there?

My husband, who is very sweet and very kind, to everyone I might add, happened to be standing, waiting to take his seat. This woman, stood before his chair, not paying attention to him at all and she was upset, when she noticed. He did not hassle her. Nor ask her to move, nothing. She walked out after snatching her coffee giving him looks that would kill.
What gives?

Dear Annoyed,

Egocentricity, that is the quintessential problem that permeates the whole country. You ran into a woman who thinks too much of herself. She believes, most probably, that the space around her, belongs to her. As if we could buy, gather or own a piece of space besides where we absolutely are.

Those are the people, who imply, by their behavior and interaction, with everyone else, that they are more valuable. The same people who think gratitude is a form of groveling, and kindness a form of weakness.

What the hell is that about? He. Was. In. Her. Way. He did not notice, her presence. So, she was annoyed that he was there at all. Either you give these cretins a wide birth where they can ignore you; or you step on their toes and get dirty looks. Pick your poison.

How dare he encroach on her space. How dare he exist! Someone, who, dared exist, in her, immediate domain.

Those are the low lives that can never be happy, with anything, either given to them, or obtained, by unholy methods.They will take for the rest of their lives from whoever is dumb is enough to fall for their snare.

Take it easy, you want to say! Live a little. Give it a rest and let others be. No harm will come to you, if someone is close by. Let others exist and live their own lives, even if it inconveniences you some.

Blessings and don’t forget to stomp on her foot next time!

Baba Rumcake

  • Janaki Nagaraj

    Happens…there are all kinds of people.