Library Guard Told Me To Be Quiet

Dear Baba Rumcake

I was in the library with my son who is mentally challenged. We were doing homework and the woman in the next table kept giving me dirty looks. To top it off, the guard came and told me to keep it down since other people were working.

I felt offended. Do you think they should be allowed to shush me? My son has a right to do his homework. What do you think?


Dear Irate….ummmm Looking for Sympathy
What the hell is wrong with you! Are you stupid or is this just a joke? If your son can do homework, it is very probable he can follow directions. In which case you can tell him to be quiet since you are in the library.

If a guard had to tell you to be quiet, you were unreasonably loud which is rude. Having a child is not an excuse for lack of concern and caring for others. Instead of complaining, maybe you should look into adjusting some of your own behaviors.

If you want to chat with your son or do homework, aloud, you should go to your local coffee shop and screech all you want. Your taking offense has nothing to do with your son and everything to do with your lack of discipline.

Just like all of us, you need to follow the rules. Libraries are a haven for quiet not for you to show off that you have a burden on our hands. Why do I say that? Because your note shows a lack of respect for everyone around you and you use your son as cover.

Poor me! Poor me, I have a mentally challenged son and I have to follow the rules.
Grow up!

Baba Rumcake

  • Savira

    Perfectly said…

    • Sonia Rumzi

      Thank you Savy. Hugs.

  • Corinne Rodrigues

    Some  people think that they can get away with anything when they have kids! 

    • Sonia Rumzi

      Yes. True. And feel they are justified. Good to see you. Thank you.