Sometimes Four Books a Day

I have set up a reading goal for this year, as I always do. I am reading between 150-200 books. To accomplish this, I have to read all the time. Since I cannot read all the time, I decided on a new way of reading. Listening.

Most of my days are spent in the Kapolei library in Oahu. I write the whole day, edit and manipulate my manuscripts till about three in the afternoon. After which my husband picks me up and I head home to make dinner for the family.

In the last month or so, I decided to make myself a knitted back pack which holds my Kindle. Yep, you heard me. It holds my Kindle and I listen to my books.


So, I listen while I cook, while I clean even while I take my walk in the evening. When I sit down later with my knitting or crochet, I put my ears on and listen while I do hats or blankets. In the last week, I learned to do Origami while listening to my books.


I am way ahead on my reading…ummm listening. So wonderful! You cannot be a writer without reading and now I can read while I keep my hands busy. Genius.

  • Marja Meijers

    You do have a point there :) I simply cannot read all the books I want to read, and I have never listened to books, not even my own :) but maybe you have convinced me…. thanks.

    • Sonia Rumzi

      Thank you. Happy it helped. I am way ahead. :)

  • Janaki Nagaraj

    That’s nice way to read.

    • Sonia Rumzi

      Thank you Jana, it is. So good to see you.

  • Dian429

    I never thought of doing that. I know different ones that listen to books.  I like the idea of listening to books while do other things. You would think working in a library I would of thought of it. Thank you for the great idea. :)

    • Sonia Rumzi

      I love to knit and crochet like you. I found it the best way to keep my hands doing what I like and read. Glad you find it helpful. :) Hugs.

  • Allan

    Are you getting the audio books or using the “Listen” option to regular kindle books?

    I’ve tried the listen option, but the flat tonality cadenced pacing was very distracting.  I have not yet tried an audio book, but am sure that would work out well.

    I used to do a lot of commuting and I liked listening to books-on-tape while traveling.  That was a good way to get my “reading” in even in a very busy schedule.

    Nice origami too!  Thanks for sharing!

    • Sonia Rumzi

      I use the audio function on my Kindle or computer if I am sitting. I keep my Kindle plugged in. Some people hate the computerized voice. i got used to it and enjoy it a lot. :)

  • Corinne Rodrigues

    Sonia – I can’t get over how creative and ingenious you are!! I’m waiting for my Kindle Fire to arrive – a few more days to go!! 

    • Sonia Rumzi

      Not any more than you are. I have missed you. Big hugs.