Sorry It’s Not Me, It’s the Muse!

An e-mail from a fellow author:

“Sorry it took so long to respond. My younger one had a birthday and it’s always a series of events, lol! One for the friends, one for the family and the real one, the actual day, is for us. So, since Friday I had no peace, lol :D

(Not that I managed to get away from the Muse.)

Between cleaning the house and all the preparations on Friday to be ready to receive the girls from her class, I managed to ‘get caught’ with my laptop in our bedroom. Ten minutes before the girls were supposed to arrive.

My husband came in to get dressed. Imagine his shock to discover me crouching over my laptop. Typing eagerly! He stared at me with disbelieve and all I managed to say was ‘it’s not what you think’! LOL. I really felt guilty. He expected me to put my writing aside at least for our daughter’s birthday. LOL! It was a ridiculous situation :D I probably would feel less guilty if he caught me there with another man :D”

And that folks is what happens when the Muse hits and you are a writer. A writer, writes. No matter what. No matter where, a writer writes.

Zoe Saadia is a wonderful author, daughter, wife and mother. In her old life, she was an accountant. In this, her new and amazing career, she lives to write and care for her family.

  • Galen Pearl

    Great story!  Love the contrast between getting caught at the laptop versus with another man. 

    • Sonia Rumzi

       :) She is a wonderful author. Love her books. Thank you Galen.

  • No

    Based on your comments on other blogs, I’d just like to point out to you that you’re a repulsively shallow and self-absorbed nitwit, and it doesn’t surprise me to find that your own blog is devoted to shilling for atrocious grocery-checkout rejects.

    The internet goes both ways, baby. And no, I’m not somebody you’ve commented on personally, nor a personal acquaintance of any such people. On very rare occasions, however, I encounter someone who is just SO repugnant and SO judgmental of others that I can’t take the irony anymore and have to let the bile out.

    You’re terrible. Hideous. Nauseating. Grow the hell up.

  • Corinne Rodrigues

    Haha…and I thought it was only me. Loved this @6a01606b79edb5343eb6643b371e945b:disqus  ?

    • Sonia Rumzi

       You are in good company Corinne.