Vivaldi to Bust March Doldrums

The-Four-Seasons.jpgSpring fever starts to set in as this is March, when the weather becomes oppressive getting a teeny bit warm then gusts of cold air keep us indoors.

Today marks the birth of one of the most celebrated composers of the Baroque Era, Vivaldi. Best known for his famous Violin Concerto, The Four Seasons, which remains by far one of the famous concertos played many times over. Many orchestras with the most talented of Conductors have attempted this delightful Concerto.

Spring fever originally, meant the increase of vitality and sexual energy. Some people suffer low morale and drive during the winter months causing Seasonal disorders.

In some instances, it creates the opposite effect on people since they feel that this change in the weather drains their energy bringing on lethargy and a sense of listlessness all.

Whichever one you are, Spring is close at hand. It will revitalize, change, bring about the beauty and glory that God has created in your world. Wait for it, anticipate it with gladness while enjoying some of the most beautiful music ever created from Vivaldi to bust the doldrums of the Season.

  • Debbie

    I can feel Spring in the air, I see it daily starting to bloom. With the little tweets of baby birds …. Loved your post I am also following you now