Lonely Condom Seeks Valentine

Valentine’s Day with National Condom Week


Is it any surprise that today is not only Valentine’s Day but also National Condom Week? Not to me. I can see the correlation here. Honestly, can’t you see it?

Here we are embarking on another V-day where expectations are high and demand is even higher. So, she is expecting a great dinner with flowers and chocolates. You may not be ready to give her that ring she wants but you sure want to get into her pants tonight, right? [Read more...]

Helpful Phrases to Use When Writing

Wordy Wednesday

Here is a list of Useful Phrases for writers. It is hard sometimes to come up with that perfect phrase that fits the billet, that completes the thought and rounds off the idea.

I offer you 26 phrases that will help any writer. The words can be moved about, added to or changed in any manner that appeals and becomes of use to the novelist, journalist, blogger or any person who puts pen to paper or uses the keyboard. [Read more...]

Quilt Because It’s Beautiful

QuiltToday is National Quilting Day.

I wonder if you have ever looked closely at a quilt and what it takes to create one? It is a wonder and an amazement to look at those close stitches one after the other, one as close to the other as possible. When I was being taught how to properly quilt, the stitches, I was informed, had to be 13 stitches to the inch. Imagine how tight and how small that is. [Read more...]

Sweet Serenity with Books in Sequestered Nooks

Books Longfellow“The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books” — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Whether you like reading while holding a book in your hands or reading on a well lit screen where the words glow at you, you are still a reader of the written word.

A book is a friend and companion as your computer screen or i-pad or reader would be to you. There is a hesitation in some to admit their enjoyment for the practical use of electronic devices to achieve the same pleasure derived from pulp. [Read more...]

Vivaldi to Bust March Doldrums

The-Four-Seasons.jpgSpring fever starts to set in as this is March, when the weather becomes oppressive getting a teeny bit warm then gusts of cold air keep us indoors.

Today marks the birth of one of the most celebrated composers of the Baroque Era, Vivaldi. Best known for his famous Violin Concerto, The Four Seasons, which remains by far one of the famous concertos played many times over. Many orchestras with the most talented of Conductors have attempted this delightful Concerto. [Read more...]

Pig To Eat or Not to Eat…

Pigs.jpgThe question of whether Pig Day is a time to honor pigs by “giving them a break” or to appreciate their offerings (spare ribs, bacon and ham) is an open one.

I would imagine that this holiday was contrived for the winter doldrums and cabin fever when in the middle of the snow covered stretches of lands in our vast country, there was little to celebrate and enjoy. [Read more...]

For Pete’s Sake Bread to Bake

We have become very familiar with the brotherly St. Peter since he was the one who denied Jesus three times anyway, it is easy to take his name in vain.

Or when irritated that someone had done something really stupid and you cry out, “For Pete’s sake! What did you do that for?”

You get the jist of this. A way to swear without actually swearing in front of the children. Well, swearing is in the meaning not in the actual words, or is that not so?

So, here is a recipe for this day for you to make and for Pete’s Sake do not grouse, just try it.

bake-bread.jpgHere is a tired and true great recipe for Beer Bread. Easy and fast, this will make you seem like you baked all day in the kitchen and the results are tasty and different. [Read more...]

Love and Money Equals Happiness?

Dear Baba Rumcake,

Tell me, is it really wrong to like someone more when you find out they have money? Assuming you liked them already.

Wondering in Wichita

Dear Wondering,
I suppose being a gold digger and a social climber is not so bad. There should be no reason for remorse about being shallow and superficial.

You already like the bloke, so there’s no harm in liking him more, for his dough, huh?
After all, money will bring with it comfort and future security. It makes a man seem more desirable since he can take care of you.

It is not so much wrong, as it is immoral. I am not sure that there is a definition to be set to it. Knowing that about yourself, knowing that there was a shift in sentiment over something that materialistic should make you stop and wonder what traits you have that need tweaking and modifying, they need.

I would take a harder look at yourself. A serious look at your trifling sensibilities. Character is what matters in the end. Dig deeper into yourself.

Remaining with him will only make you dependent, weak and less likely to be able to survive on your own, in the future.

The problem with those feelings of liking him more, is, you will overlook serious problems because you see dollar signs in your eyes, ignoring the major issues if they come up.

Blessings on your shaky future,
Baba Rumcake

Discouraged in Peoria

Dear Baba Rumcake,

I wish people didn’t give me presents for my birthday instead of surprising me. I mean, I never get anything that I will use so it just adds to junk I have around the house or have to give away. I was just given a snowman mug, a weird scarf, a cheap wallet, and hooker red lip gloss. None of it will ever be used. I’d really rather have nothing than have a gift. I know I sound ungrateful.

Discouraged in Peoria

Dear Discouraged,

You might be ungrateful but I like you already. I happen to agree with you.  I hate it when people give me stuff that I do not need. Crap that sits around useless. It makes them feel better, but is useless to you, completely.  I get it. You are right.

The solution is to tell them. Tell your friends that you appreciate the thought. Tell them that you realize that they love you and do this just for you. Then tell them, gently, tactfully, that they should stop buying you things. Knowing that they probably are on a budget, be sensitive and tell them that their company is more than enough. You do not need the gift.

This might alleviate the pressure of spending the money for them and spare you the pressure of getting rid of what you never wanted in the first place. Tell them the truth, kindly.

God bless you on knowing yourself. Let me know how you do.

Baba Rumcake