Lips Tell Who You Are

LipsLips Appreciation Day

Nothing says beautiful as a pair of gorgeous lush lips, with a sparkling wine color. Whatever your preference is for eyes and body, lips are the only time people agree that full and voluptuous is the hallmark of gorgeous in the flappers department.

The dictionary describes them as the fleshy part that is over and below the teeth and mouth. Lips have been exalted in literature, poetry and paintings. Nothing says I love you, like a plump pair of lips. [Read more...]

Vivaldi to Bust March Doldrums

The-Four-Seasons.jpgSpring fever starts to set in as this is March, when the weather becomes oppressive getting a teeny bit warm then gusts of cold air keep us indoors.

Today marks the birth of one of the most celebrated composers of the Baroque Era, Vivaldi. Best known for his famous Violin Concerto, The Four Seasons, which remains by far one of the famous concertos played many times over. Many orchestras with the most talented of Conductors have attempted this delightful Concerto. [Read more...]

Making You Happy Today

Happy-Day.jpgNo one can make anyone happy.

Probably for the short term never long term. No one can truly make anyone happy all the time.

If you want to be with a happy person, start with a happy one. You cannot change a rhubarb into a strawberry but you can mix them and get a great pie.

Here are some things that should help make someone happy, try all or some: [Read more...]

Lousy Books are Killing Trees!!

This week is National Green Week.

Now, I am not so much into the green thing when it comes to books. I may have books on Kindle but reading them on Kindle, well not so much.

Back to my point. So, if you are reading a book (and I will not mention said book) and you get to page 86 and you still did not get into the meat of it, then something is really screwy in this equation. Here is a waste of several pages that could have saved a tree.

Now, you try and stick to it since you are, after all, in the first pages of this mystery. Nothing so far has really happened and you are anticipating lots from the reviews and the hype. Still nothing.

When 300 pages into it, it starts to get a little better, you wrinkle your nose in disgust.

And here comes my Green Week suggestion. What if we all stopped this insatiable need to devour books in the raw and just buy online writing or even join the library. Would that be an acceptable solution to you all?

After all, if more than 80% of this book (which was made into a movie, by the by) is not getting you into the place where you cannot tear yourself away from it, what is the point?

You can put up with 20% of blah blah blah blah blah, but 80% is carrying the line too far where it is borderline garbage. You expect a mystery to grab you and not let you go. Not drag you along kicking and screaming.

If you think my idea of a library card or even online reading is valid, let me know. After all, we all have opinions like we have …… and they all stink.

10 Must Reads According To Me!

10 Books You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

My recommendations are all different and widespread in type and style. Good writing, varied and divergent.

VOX by Nicholson Baker
A man and a woman, call each other, over an adult phone line. They provoke each other sexually, they entice one another. This is a novel where we eavesdrop on them and listen in to their private conversations. Well written. Do not get offended.

Julie and Julia by Julie Powell
A charming, endearing novel of striving do what you can to succeed. A funny, quirky story of internet, city and married life. O, yeah, lots of cooking with Julia Child too.

Plainson by Kent Haruf
Haruf writes a wonderful story of coming together. A teenager who gets pregnant, a lonely teacher, two young sons left by their mother and their father, plus two older farmers who help. A heart warming story. Wonderful read.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
This is Setterfield’s first novel. Parallel stories of a lonely woman who gets hired by a mysterious writer, to write her life story. Intriguing and wonderfully written.

Fall on your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald
This is an unbelievable story, spanning a few generations. Secrets, lies and secrets that could destroy them all. Compelling. Amazing. Unexpected, epic story, well written.

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
A poor Indian driver is hired by a rich family to drive their son around. Powerful imagery, strong sense of self preservation. Amazing story. Good read.

The Reader by Bernhard Schlink
15 year old Michael is rescued by a woman twice his age. They become lovers then she disappears from his life. Only to resurface years later standing trial for a heinous crime. Amazing. Wonderful read. Even better than the movie. :)

The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant
Intricate story of a young woman who is made to marry despite being in love with someone else. The trials she goes through. Things are not what they seem is an understatement. Intricate and amazing. Excellent read.

I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb
The story of a pair of twins who are not the same at all. An exciting story of love and caring. Interesting story and a wonderful read.

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks
A book that was written and illustrated gets protected by many through the years. An amazing story of caring, intrigue and forgery. A great story. Great writing. Wonderful read. Amazing!

Love What You Do!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –
  —  Confucius

I did not realize the truth of that statement and wisdom until today. About a month ago, I decided to quit my technical, well paying job and place my undivided attention to writing and reading.

It has been a month now; with days, I have spent wondering, if I did the wrong thing. Days wondering if I am working. Wondering when I should start doing what I set out to do. Suddenly, holding this incredible book that I was reading, “Winter Solistice” by Rosamunde Pilcher, sitting before the ocean, I realized, that, I was working.

The only difference was, it did not feel like work since I loved what I was doing so much and would do it anyway, even if, it was not the means for me to make a living.

Overwhelmed by the realization, I was thanking God and feeling grateful for this act of mercy on His part. I can actually do what I love to do and make a living at it also.

It only took me a whole year to decided to take the right step in the right direction, leaving behind the security of my old job. I was stunned at the possibilities and frightened at the failures. If I fail, it will be a glorious failure, having spent time expressing and reading and writing and living. If I succeed, then I have accomplished what everyone sets out to do, love what they do and do it well.

Nothing is more fulfilling than to love the job that you do knowing that you can do it with grace and abandon. Never had I stopped writing, never had I stopped reading. But, to read and write for a job, is more than I could have dreamed of.

Stephen King said that if you have no time to read, you have no skills to write. Your tools are broken. So, from that I learned that the wonderful time reading was actually honing up on my skills and techniques. God bless you, Mr. King. You are my hero.

Writing is not about equipment, writing is about the tools your have, your words and the ones you learn along the way. How you say them, convey them and execute them in ways to move and entice your audience.

When all is said and done, I want to go out of this world some day, saying that I have done the things I wanted to do and loved to do. I do not want to regret the days I have spent without trying at least to do it.

Confused PDA Fan

Dear Baba Rumcake,

is it strange when guys are really into PDA?

Confused PDA Fan

Dear PDA Fan,

If by “really” you mean tearing someone’s clothes off on a busy street corner, frenching during a family get together, or bumping uglies on a crowded bus, you may have a bit of a problem. If by “really” you mean holding hands on a walk, kissing in the corner at a party, or giving your lover a neck massage while with a group of friends, that might be considered more socially acceptable.

The other factor depends entirely on the object of your PDA. Is he or she ok with your displays? If so, and you are both comfortable with the degree of publicity, then screw anyone else who might have a problem. If he or she is not as big of a fan of PDA, then your attempts may end up pushing your partner away. You may have to discuss and establish a mutual boundary.

If you are concerned about what other people think, maybe you aren’t as big of a fan of PDA as you think. The whole point of PDA is being ready and willing to show the world how you feel about someone. There will always be anal conservatives who get grossed-out by PDA. Either you care what they think, or you don’t. You have to decide what you are comfortable with.

Blessings and all the best displaying some affection,

Baba Rumcake

Have You Ever Been on Stage?

The one and only time I appeared on stage, was in a Faux Drag Queen, contest. Yep, you heard me. I wanted to do Victor Victoria.

For you, young ones, who know nothing of that wonderful movie, it is with Julie Andrews pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman. A wonderful musical starring James Garner also.

On the telephone, the organizer gave me instructions, “Lots and lots of hair darling. Lots and lots and lots of make up. More, more, more! It is never enough,” he, encouraged me.

Buying a long curly huge red wig, I was armed, with trashy beauty. That get up, was used for my pageant, interview on stage. My pink flapper dress and purple bob topped with a pink boa, for the actual act.

Performing a dance while lip synching to “Woman” by Peggy Lee, where I bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan; I take off my ugly house dress. Underneath, I appear in my flapper telling him, that I can take care of him too, making him feel like a man.

Being on stage was amazing. I thought I would panic or feel nervous. I did not! I was electrified, filled with excitement and joy of the performance. Standing before everyone in a gaudy dress, swishing away and undulating filled me with a sense of wonderment. I could not see the audience, the lights were glaring but I could hear the laughter and the happiness. I reveled in it.

It was the one and only time I was or performed on stage. Would I do it again? I might under the right circumstances which I will never know until I am asked.

The Perfect Pie Crust

How to Make Perfect Pie Crust

One of the hardest things to make, I realized, was a good pie crust. When I attempted it, some 30 years ago, I ended up with a hard, bounce off the wall crust, that even the dog, turned, its nose at. I, followed what the instructions said, in my cookbook, then, proceeded to add flour, to make it all, hold, together. Brilliant, I know, deadly pie crust move.

A few years later, after those initial fiascos, I met an older lady, who had been through, the Great Depression, and all. This wonderful lady taught me several useful things in life, like making my own soap from fat drippings; but one of her most solid recipes, was pie crust.

When we went into her kitchen, I was amazed at the few things she worked with. This Duchess of Cookery, had very little. She hoarded everything, but there was little of substance or expense. This did not seem to deter the old Dowager of Victuals. In anticipation, I watched as she, pulled the things for a pie crust, out. Very few ingredients, I noted.

I was looking for mayhem in the kitchen, for bowls, measurements and kneading; with lots of things to wash later. All I got were very few ingredients and a sneer from my teacher. She obviously had experience teaching morons, of which I had proven to be one.

As she worked, she also shared with me the one, most important secret for good pie crust, “Never keep playing with your dough,” she warned, ominously. Translated, stop kneading it so much that it becomes elastic and hard and in the end; like my original one, inedible.

I am offering here Mrs. Freund’s recipe, that she, taught me. If you follow these directions, it will not matter what you put inside your pie, it will be delicious. Be reasonable.


8 oz  flour
1 stick  butter softened; (No, not margarine and not oil.)
3 Tbsp  cold water
1/4 tsp salt

That was it! That’s all she wrote in the recipe.


  1. Add salt to flour and mix well with fork.
  2. Place flour in a bowl.
  3. Add soft, cold butter to the flour. Note: If the butter gets too mushy, the crust will be mushy. (That is where I needed to add flour and ruined it).
  4. Mix the flour into the butter with tips of fingers until the bowl is filled with little dough balls.
  5. Add cold water.
  6. Mix with tips of fingers some more.
  7. Gather all the little dough balls forming a big ball.
  8. Roll out, then place in your pie plate. Note: If you do not like to roll dough, put the dough balls in the pie plate and push down with hands until you cover the pie plate. It works.
  9. Add your favorite filling.
  10. Cover with another pie crust of your making.
  11. Bake at 350 until golden brown.

Happy baking!

Jan 21, International Fetish Day

Today is International Fetish Day.

Now what do you think of that? Have you ever thought what your fetish is? There are a wide variety of fetishes in the world and since this is an international day, I thought that listing them all would be interesting. How useful, I am not really certain of that. But, why always write what is important.

Entertainment for today!

A list of fetishes and my commentary:

Acomoclitic – the preference of hairless genitalia…

Botulinonia – using a sausage as a dildo., …just don’t cook it later, please

Choreophilia – sexually aroused by dancing, ….that’s what the Baptists said, it leads to sex.

Doraphilia – arousal from fur or animal skin, …..ewwwww, side of beef.

Endytphoilia – refers to preferring sex partners to be clothed rather than naked, …..why for heaven’s sake. Puritans.

Gomphipothic – arousal by seeing teeth, ….. huh?

Homilophilia – arousal from giving sermon or speech., ….no wonder he was so thrilled all the time.

Inspectionism – Voyeurism, …we all do that when we watch movies, get over it.

Jactitation – arousal from bragging about sexual exploits, ….every friggin’ locker room is raging then.

Kleptolagnia – arousal from stealing, ….well, that’s alright then, you can have it, :)

Lactaphilia – arousal from lactating breasts, ….see that is why they ask women to cover up when feeding, risking discovery.

Melolagnia – arousal from music, …. ta ra la la la tra la la…O crap, done.

Nanophilia – attraction to, vertically challenged people, ….yep thought I should be PC.

Ochlophilia – arousal from biting, ….Ok, just take your rabies shots first.

Psychrotentiginous – Arousal from cold water, …Now that is just wrong.

Rhabdophilia – Arousal from being flogged, beaten or caned, ….Gimme that rod, I’ll take care of your problem.

Satyriasis – Male equivalent of nymphomania, ….That is just called a male slut.

Timophilia – Arousal from power or wealth, ….Now I get it, no wonder Cheney needed it, the limp biscuit.

Urtication – The use of stinging plants to stimulate the skin, ….Ouch!

Vincilagnia – Arousal from bondage, ….Talk about keeping someone in their place.

Xenophilia – Sexual arousal from strangers, ….Yeah, you don’t hate them since you do not know them, :)

Zwischenstufe – Arousal from person/s of the same sex, ….Is that like homosexual?

A to Z, International Fetish Day

– Sonya