Stress or not to Stress

What happens in our lives, despite what people say to us, is sometimes beyond our control.


Losing someone, divorce, being cheated on, a parent dying, a child dying, even losing a job in this day and age, all are things beyond our control.


How people treat us is sometimes beyond our control also.  It is a mistake to think that “we bring it on”.  Sometimes we do, but I would suggest to you that most of the time, we do not.


Our reactions to these situations is what matters the most.  Our response is what counts and what is used against us or for us in general.


Our transitions from one situation to the other without a storm is what we should evaluate.  Things will come at us, no doubt.  What we do with it is what counts for or against us.


Our first action in a bad situation is to stop and evaluate the surroundings and decide on a course of action based on fair and deliberate decisions.


Evaluation of myself is the second step.  Injury of the ego, injury of pride and the outcomes of that can be disastrous on my soul in the future.


Holding grudges hurts the soul, hurts the body and heart.  People get physically ill from holding onto anger and unforgiveness.

Letting go of offenses is healthier and much more productive.


The grudge does not affect the grudged.  Inner anger does not affect the angered at.  Envy does not affect the envied.


Get over it and move on.  Nothing is worth your health or your peace of mind.  And this too shall pass is the truth.



Rose with no Other Name

It takes bushels of Roses to make an ounce of Rose oil.  Like its counterpart, Jasmine, the Rose is an expensive essence due to its extraction process.


How it is made:


Rose is one of the most useful flowers for the face.  Your face is always in the wind, sun and dirt.  A few drops of Rose help balance the skin on your face and keep it from aging so quickly.  None of us cover our faces unless we are from the Taliban but since we are not, we need some protection from the elements that our faces are exposed to on a daily basis.


We have used Rose in several of our products and sometimes the essence comes through and you can smell the fragrance but mostly it is hidden so that other fragrances could be enjoyed.


Yet, Rose will be the hidden weapon that completes that product and make it useful and nourishing to the skin.


Rose essence could be overwhelming and overpowering, so we have learned to cut it down with other oils that will not flood the senses.


A Rose is spirited and soothing.  It needs to be treated with respect and given its due respect.  It is an old, tired fragrance that has upheld its own and has survived many other new fangled smells.


Take another look at the Rose and enjoy its effects and uses.


Spa Yourself Down

It is not necessary to go out of your home to go to a spa.  It is nice to go out and be away but you can create a small haven for yourself even in your busy home.

Being at the spa is not only about being away somewhere, it is also being away in your mind and spirit.

Find a small space in your home where you can create your space that could be temporary or long term.  It is smart to keep in mind what you like.  What you like personally and what makes you tick and makes you feel good and soft.

Create the space that would take you away, as the saying goes.  Create a spot for yourself where you can put your pot of steam and cover your head with a towel and disappear for a while.

That same place is where you can put your face mask on, turn on some meditation music or our Mindful Relaxation cd, lie down on the ground and relax.

Finding yourself in those moments is the goal.  Finding out who you are and what you are capable of is the aim of those sessions by yourself.

Slow down, rest and take time to spa yourself.  Surround yourself with what you find beautiful and relaxing, light a candle, light incense, open some potpourri.  Whatever it is that triggers those pheromones that will help elevate your mood and help you treat yourself and others better.

Take the time, it will be worth it in the long run.  Slow yourself down.




Stop and Listen

You are what you eat, drink and do.


Can we talk about something that no one wants to hear?


When people ask me why my skin is so good, why it is clear and free of blemishes, I say, I stay out of the sun, drink water when I am thirsty, never wash my face with soap and eat what is right for me.


If you are a sun worshipper, then you need to care more for your skin than the average person. You need more emollients and re-moisturizing of your dried out, toasted skin. No drinking water only will not help that.


Going from your home to your car with a bottle of water and then from your car to work with the same is not going to help. You will NOT suffer dehydration in the few minutes till you get to work.  Relax, that will help your skin and body more.  Drink when you are thirsty, drowning your cells in H2O is not necessary. Eat juicy fruits.


You are the only one who knows what you really put in your mouth. When I eat what I should not eat, like too many carbohydrates, I break out, just like everyone else.  You know what you should eat for your skin and your body.  It will make you feel better and function better. Read up on the foods you consume. Listen to your body.


We are spending time wishing to look like Twiggy and working hard on it, buying books to tell us what to eat and how to eat it and when. We are so busy that we are not listening to the rhythm of our bodies.


Stop and listen.  Stop and watch. Think of what you ate yesterday that caused the break out today.


Stop and listen!





Results Take Time

Our American culture has changed again and for the better. People in general are starting to recognize that things will not change rapidly and results take time.


We are a nation of fast food, fast diets and fast driving. That is changing. We are realizing that dieting is a life process, not a few weeks of being good. A change of lifestyle and change of habits are much more lasting. Consistence produces long term results.


Many dieters have found that if they take it slow and easy and change a few things at a time, the long term works better for them. You cannot change everything at once. Slow and steady wins the race.


Using our products is not a miracle. Since your face has been in the wind and dirt and sun most of the time, it will take time to reverse those damages. Dirty, dry and wrinkly needs cleansing, toning and moisturizing. It takes time and it takes consistency.


Many of us claim that we have no time for such nonsense. Slow down and make time for yourself.  Pamper yourself just a little, not lots. Take a few minutes in the morning to wash your face and clear all the dirt, instead of soap use a cleanser.  Take a few minutes in the shower to exfoliate the dead skin cells with sea salt scrubs. Day to day care does not need to be long and extensive. A few minutes is all you need.


Substitute what you use for what is useful.


Take the time, your body will thank you. Your face will thank you long term. Take the time, you need it and the people you deal with need you to do it, so that you could function. Once a week spend 45 minutes taking care of your skin.


One of the things we found useful at the time of applying a mask is a relaxation program that allows you to lie down for 20 minutes and rest your body and keep your mind alert and awake and so the body rests.


Many options, many ideas, much to help soothe and rest.  Keep listening.