Irresponsible Dad Problem Not Lazy Son

I have been married for many years, and my husband and I live together. His unemployed and (otherwise homeless) adult son lives with us as well. We have 3 young children from our marriage together. His son does not respect ANY of the rules of the house, doesn’t do any chores, doesn’t contribute anything positive at all. He lies. Disrupts the household. Yells at me and the kids.

How do I tell my husband me and the kids or his son?
Living In Turmoil

Dear Living In Turmoil,

Are you frikking kidding me! Why would you even want to stay with that moron who did such a lousy job with his first son? He will do the same for the other three and they will all end up at your doorstep, all homeless and needy.

If you do not see that this situation is on the whole bad for all of you, I am not sure that you hold a job that needs any intelligence. What in the world are you waiting for? An act of Congress to get your butt out of there and protect your children from this lazy, no good, user? Well, you will wait a long time since they don’t have their act together either.

Get off your scared lazy behind and take those children out of there before more harm is caused by the irresponsible behavior of the father. NOT the son, the DAD is the problem. His loose ideals will ruin all of them.
Blessings on your Oh so lame excuses,
-Baba Rumcake

Awkward Moments Make Hilarity

Awkward Moments Day

Orange tree fall

I asked people to send me their most awkward moments and here is a list of what I received. Enjoy!

An employee was washing his hands at the sink and the water sputtered and splashed the front of his pants. He looked like he either peed his pants or something else. Was not sure what to do to get out of the bathroom. Tried to blow dry it with the hands blower, when a colleague walked in and saw him in that stance with his crotch up against the warm air. He ran out of there. [Read more…]

True Confessions Can Be Destructive

Tree in summerTrue Confessions Day

Please don’t be stupid and go confessing something that would cause trouble in your marriage or relationships in general. Just because today is True Confessions Day does not mean you should go into work and tell your Boss that you hate them, no matter how much you want to do it.

Just because today claims to be that day does not mean you have to tell your sister that if she was not family, you would never have thought of knowing her. It is not only creepy, it is rude and unnecessary.

Do not go and tell your spouse that you have been having an affair with her best friend. Who cares you silly sod. Keep it to yourself and do not ruin her life and her relationships. [Read more…]

Result Oriented Appleseed Was Not

Apple-Tree.jpgDoes it matter whether you can see the results of your handiwork or not? If the story of Johnny Appleseed is to be believed and let’s just say we do, then everything he did, he walked away from, knowing full well that he would not see the results of his toil.

It takes strength of resolve and a determined heart to do things without seeing first hand the product of what we have worked so hard to accomplish. [Read more…]