Stress Kit for Life

AN ERASER: so you can erase

all your mistakes.

PENNIES: so you will never

be broke.

SOME MARBLES: in case someone

says you lost all yours.

A RUBBER BAND: to stretch

yourself beyond your limits.

A STRING: to tie things

together when everything

is falling apart.

A HUG AND A KISS: to remind

you someone cares.


Who You Really Are

My husband is very calm and steady.  He is courteous, kind and giving.  He does not clamour to be first, does not demand or push other people to get what he wants.

I find him patient and forgiving.  I also find him attentive and quick to respond.

My husband gives way most of the time.  He does not care if someone is ahead of him.  He allows them to get ahead and further.

I learned all this about my husband from watching him drive.

I have been the passenger for the last five years and it has given me the opportunity to watch and learn about him and others around us.

My husband always gives himsefl enough time to be where he needs to be.  He makes an effort to wake up earlier, get there sooner and be on time in general.

He is not in a rush.  He drives the speed limit within reason.

When faced with a driver who wants his lane or his space, he gives in.  He slows down and gives way.  He realizes that a few seconds delay are not important in the scheme of things since if he needed those few seconds then he should have been on the road sooner.

I see him with pedestrians who are not paying attention, they have their earphones in, not looking and reading.  He waits and allows them the time to cross even if another one steps off just as he is ready to drive off.

He does not care when a young man in the next car revs his engine at the light and looks over many times to see if he can go first and cut in and be ahead.  My husband lets him.

He never tailgates and never honks his horn for those millisecond delays when people are turning.  He smiles and if I get irritated, he reminds me that he is driving and that he does not mind.

When he gets cut off, my husband slows down and allows the other driver to get ahead.  He once commented that testosterone was not a requirement for driving in the civilized world.

Driving will tell you and others what kind of person you are.


What’s with the Water Bottles?

When did the idea that we are all dying of thirst come up?  When did we think that we are constantly thirsty and that we have to keep dumping water down our gullets all day and night?


Where are we, in the desert wastelands or something?  You will not dehydrate from your home to your car, from your car to work.  Chill.


We have spent millions of dollars on water in bottles when we have perfectly good faucet water in this country.  I am glad y’all have so much money to spend o n something you can get for free.


No more ranting about water, I promise.


Do me a favour though, drink when you are thirsty.  Drink only when you are thirsty and drink water.  If you want to use bottled water, fine, just drink only when you need to drink and do not carry it around like a cross to bear.


drink because your body needs to drink not because you think it is the right thing to do.  There are a lot more important things that are the right thing to do than that.


Happy drinking….water.


What are you doing in the Shower?

So what’s the story Morning glory?  What the heck are you doing in the shower for so long?  What are you people doing in the shower for more than 10 minutes?  What are you doing???


I hop in the shower, wash  my hair with shampoo, rinse it with conditioner.  Brush my teeth.  Wash my face vigorously.  Wash my body with a salt scrub and done.  Finito, finished, all over, done.


I am out and drying myself.  Now, did I miss something?  Am I not washing something?  Did I miss washing some parts of my body that you seem to take forever to do?


A shower is intended for washing grime, sweat and body odor.  Really not very dirty things, just to get the general sheen of the body back to luster and shine, nothing more….get out.


A shower is invigorating, restoring, rejuvenating, reviving and I get it, really.  But people please!


I suppose it is not harmful to be in the shower for so long, but if we are all working towards a goal of protecting our environment and being mindful of our surroundings, I would suggest that you cut it down to a reasonable amount of time, 10 minutes.


Even that is still long but you get that so that you could cover the lust of your need without outrageous harm.


Alright, alright, lighten up.  It was my rant for the day.  It is over.


Enjoy your shower and keep your skin moist and soft.  Scrub your largest organ with a salt scrub that cleanses and washes away the dead skin and clears your pores.


Clean your face during the shower with a soft scrub that lightens and scrubs off the dead skin that produces black heads.


Face the water and enjoy.