Living Happily Socks Bitchy Gravity

rhino-butt.jpgAfter taking my shower, I stepped out of the tub and stood before my mirror. As I looked, suddenly my butt fell down. Now, what are the odds of being before a mirror when gravity takes hold and yanks you down?

But there you have it. My hands flew behind me to keep it from sliding any further down to no avail. Following that momentous occasion, my belly followed suit and here I stood with a tire around my midriff lamenting my years of exercise. [Read more…]

Gene Pool Clean Up!

Happy Birthday Charles Darwin

I love Darwin. But, my take on it is always regarding the Darwin Awards. Survival of the Fittest, meaning mentally in this case, takes on a whole different meaning, when you think of it in those terms.

There is nothing you can do, to stop some idiot, from killing themselves, by being stupid; thus removing them from the gene pool. Woo hoo! So much the better for us all. [Read more…]

Hug A Spunky Old Broad Today!

Today is Spunky Old Broad Day, and here is a tribute to all those wonderful over 50 spunky old women who turn everything into an adventure.

A Spunky Old Broad is full of enthusiasm and drive. Be careful, when you ask her what she thinks, she will tell you. Even, if, you don’t ask her, she might tell you.

She is over 50, can, out work, you and, out exercise, you, not because she is stronger, but harder headed, staying the course and not giving up. She is the one, who speed walks, everywhere, and you cannot keep up. You find yourself, constantly, saying, “What’s the rush! ”

Rushing? She is not rushing, she is just, moving. Get out of her way and let her do her thing. If you call a Spunky Old Broad to help, do not expect her to take orders and sit back while you drive the show. She will take over and make it work. After all, you did call her in, meaning, you called in, the troops, and she is it.

A Spunky Old Broad is full of energy. She is capable of releasing it into a room, electrifying those surrounding her. But, she can also, suck up all the energy, out of the room, making you feel like, a dolt. She is the dynamo of a room, the generator to the motion and nothing will stand in her way.

People around her will always comment, “Where’s the fire?” Fire? The fire is in her gut, in her soul. She is a Firestarter, and will move along and sizzle with gusto, electrifying everyone around her, to move and do. She is a paragon of strength and resolve.

One of her better qualities is her positive attitude.Rarely do you see her down. Her life is a series of enthusiastic endeavors all meant to help her community, the people around her and herself.

She is woman hear her roar, that Spunky Old Broad. And she likes it!

Remember Remember the Lies of September!

Cairo in Chaos as Protests Rock Egypt

Remember Remember the  Lies of the eleventh of September!

This here, is not, the mantra, that, the devoid of all ethics and honor, Bush, kept repeating. This is suggested here, as a reminder, to beware of making any decisions based on lies and faulty intel, news reporting.

Before you use this, as an excuse, to “bring democracy” to Egypt, remember, the horrific outcome in Iraq. I thought a reminder is appropriate since it has been in the media quite a bit. Please remember, before you accuse the government of tyranny, what they are dealing with and what they are trying to avoid. Remember, the disgusting, turn of events, where, not only, did we lose our sons, to a liar war, but, we also created a society, ruled by an archaic faith, hell bent, on keeping women and others, who are different, from even surviving.

Remember Remember the lies of the Eleventh of September!

This is not a new battle! Christians, have been persecuted in Egypt for centuries.

I am not a  political activist, never was, I doubt that I ever will be. But, I keep seeing posts and commentary about the uprising in Egypt, the riots, the fires. Who is uprising exactly? Why are we never told who is fighting the government?

Beware “Wag the Dog”! The filtering of incomplete information, the visuals, that Westeners find horrific. I witnessed rioting as a child, and when I was a teenager. Egypt has always rioted, students rioted, lawyers and judges rioted. We have more freedoms, than most of the Middle Eastern countries.

Beware of liars and masqueraders of peace.

For more information:  Virtual Activism