Essential To Teach Children Manners

control-their-temper.jpgIt is not that Important until it is.

Teaching our children manners is an old fashioned idea that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Too harsh? Maybe that is a little coarse. So, let’s make it an easier pill to swallow. Our values have changed so much, that, what we discipline our children for and the manners we require of them, are less demanding than before.

Children will do whatever they please, that is normal. But, we do live in society, unless you do not. If you do, then you have to take steps to mould some of those wild instincts before they become destructive habits.

Simple things, like responding when an adult addresses you. Or, getting up out of your chair when talking to an older person. Or, calling people by their titles. You get the idea.

What you do, may not be important, but it colors what other people see in you. When taught none of those virtues as a child, the same adult will grow up callous, unsympathetic and rude, in general.

Thus, responding poorly to a Boss, which could get them fired. Not responding at all, to people in authority, like a policeman, thus getting arrested. Or even, not getting out of the car, when introduced to potential in-laws, which will get you disliked and labeled Neanderthal from the word go. Or a temper tantrum when they do not get the job they want, making them even less desirable.

It behooves us to discipline our children, appropriately. To find in them the best they are, the best they can be with responsibility and grace. Children are the future. Children are what we leave behind of ourselves. Nothing is more destructive than allowing a child to behave any which way they want to without direction. It is a crime.

You will not be infringing on your child’s rights of who they will be if you show them the way to do things. It is your duty as a parent. They will be stronger for it. Discerning and evaluating with wisdom and love.

It is our obligation and responsibility since they were given to us for a short time to help, guide and make them useful human beings to themselves and to others around them.

  • debra elramey

    Sonia, how right you are that society’s values have changed. I see adults now who have no sense of common decency – no doubt a result of their upbringing. Just last night a friend divulged to me that her 22 year old grandson was living with her and refusing to clean his room, nor will he take the garbage to the dump – the only two things she’s asked him to abide by. I’ve seen so much of this kind of behavior in adults that I wonder what the parents of these adult children were thinking when their kids came along. Yes, teaching manners is essential, and more so than most of what they learn these days.