TSA Tyrannical Shameful Acts

(T)otally (S)enseless (A)ntics

TSA Totally Shameful ActsC.S. Lewis said that the worst tyranny comes from the people or persons who claim that the thing they are doing to you, is what you need for your protection and your own good.

Our government has deemed it necessary to protect us. In the most nasty humiliating, disgusting and inefficient manner, they posture, gesture and on the whole, monkey around as they direct us, sheep and cattle, down one aisle or another to be groped and fondled, scanned and ogled.

This ineffective, ineffectual way of dealing with their own inadequacy has inconvenienced millions of people so that the manufacturers and the thieves who made those scanners would profit from the fear they instill in our feeble hearts. [Read more...]

Cockroach Day, Down Under

While the Melbourne Cup, is a public holiday, only in Melbourne do people take the day off. But, everyone in Australia , has a day off for the annual cockroach races, partly because, the races take place, on Australia Day.

According to the story of cockroach racing, which started in 1981, two men, both, from Kangaroo Point, were arguing, at the bar, called the Story Ridge Hotel, about, which of their suburbs, was home to, the biggest cockroaches.  Of course, what else.

I must add, that I am sure, since they were in a pub, they were drinking. Can we at least agree on that? Yeah, sure we can. We shall hence call them the two drunks.

So, these two drunks, to settle their dispute, caught a cockroach each, at home, on their own, and brought it to the pub.

Again, to catch, mind you, catch, a disgusting insect, like a roach, and they are big for the race, you have to be smashed, right? Bombed?

Bringing those gross things in was one thing but these delightful hammered men, proceeded to race them. No one knows why, no one knows what, prompted the decision to “race” the disgusting pests.

Now, the whole country makes this a holiday. And I thought, we Americans, come up with holidays to have days off. No Siree Bob, we do not even come close to this lovely and charming holiday that the whole of Australia celebrates together with races, beer, food, and fun in the sun.


If you do not believe me, read on. Here is a link, with  pictures. :)

Shepherd at Sea Ranch

Sea Ranch Sheep and Goats Mowing Swale

There was certainly no silence for these lambs, today. As we watched in delight, a Shepherd, ushered his, some 300 sheep and goats, into an enclosed space, right before the house we are staying, at Sea Ranch.

These sweet animals are better than lawn mowers, weed whackers, or any other nasty, fuel guzzling solution. They are definitely cleaner and more enjoyable. Their fuel is the grass or plant they need to mow. A self feeding, self fueling machine, on four legs.

The swales around this coastal community, get infested with, unwanted plants. It is costly and dirty to try and mow or clear those weeds. Here comes, the united front, between sheep herders and organizations.

As is usual, for the Sea Ranch organization, they opted, for the clean idea, instead of, the filthy mowing solution. These sheep and goats do the rounds, all year. It takes the herd 12 months, to do, all the spaces, between the homes at Sea Ranch. By the time, they are done, they are ready, to start over, again.

Not only is this a sustainable solution, but it is clean, and brings joy to all who watch, delighting in, the bleating, of the sheep.

Watching as the gentle creatures munched away, at the unwanted growth, we were elated with the beauty and serenity of the scene before us. Not only, was the grass taken care of, the loud noises of mowers abated, but we got to watch this amazing tableau, of scattered bellwethers, before the wonderful white waters, of the ocean.

Sea Ranch comes through, again; as they always do. A well taken care of, community, that cares for its environment, and its inhabitants, as well as, providing a tranquil, placid place, for humans, to go and take the edge off.