What is Your Compliment for Me?

Dear Baba Rumcake,

January 24th, is Compliment Day. When it rolls around, what is your compliment for me, Baba Rumcake?

Frankie in Florida

Dear Fishing … ummm, Frankie,

Compliment; an expression of esteem, respect, affection, or admiration; especially : an admiring remark

Antonym: criticism.

Today is Compliment Day. So, if you are expecting a compliment, read another posting. If you want a compliment, then you have not understood, the idea of this day nor, do you deserve a good word, now, or ever.

Most people, who wait, until they are fed, from the cesspool, of compliments, to accomplish anything, amount to nothing. No one here will pat you on the back, nor will tell you how great you are, no one.

Waiting for compliments, usually comes from those, worthless people who want the hot spot, want the lime light. With a good word, they can progress, produce but usually, with minimal results. Attaining comes from the inside, so get off your attention whoring self and work out a plan.

This day is about others. You, giving a compliment, to another. Do not do it, then wait around for them, to reciprocate, that defeats the purpose. Walk away, go to another, and, give them a compliment. Even if you do not mean it, say it. It will help your selfish, self centered ass, back into a more appealing person.

If you follow this simple rule, of coming out, and actually giving someone a compliment, you will notice beautiful things about others, you have missed while busy admiring yourself.

So, if you find this criticism, fault finding, knock, slam, put down too hard a pill to swallow, get over it.

Blessings, on this Compliment Day. Let me know how it works out for you.

  • peggy

    Baba Rumcake, You are the wizard of all things…What does my future hold for me ?