Awkward Moments Make Hilarity

Awkward Moments Day

Orange tree fall

I asked people to send me their most awkward moments and here is a list of what I received. Enjoy!

An employee was washing his hands at the sink and the water sputtered and splashed the front of his pants. He looked like he either peed his pants or something else. Was not sure what to do to get out of the bathroom. Tried to blow dry it with the hands blower, when a colleague walked in and saw him in that stance with his crotch up against the warm air. He ran out of there. [Read more...]

Making You Happy Today

Happy-Day.jpgNo one can make anyone happy.

Probably for the short term never long term. No one can truly make anyone happy all the time.

If you want to be with a happy person, start with a happy one. You cannot change a rhubarb into a strawberry but you can mix them and get a great pie.

Here are some things that should help make someone happy, try all or some: [Read more...]

Gene Pool Clean Up!

Happy Birthday Charles Darwin

I love Darwin. But, my take on it is always regarding the Darwin Awards. Survival of the Fittest, meaning mentally in this case, takes on a whole different meaning, when you think of it in those terms.

There is nothing you can do, to stop some idiot, from killing themselves, by being stupid; thus removing them from the gene pool. Woo hoo! So much the better for us all. [Read more...]

Love What You Do!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –
  —  Confucius

I did not realize the truth of that statement and wisdom until today. About a month ago, I decided to quit my technical, well paying job and place my undivided attention to writing and reading.

It has been a month now; with days, I have spent wondering, if I did the wrong thing. Days wondering if I am working. Wondering when I should start doing what I set out to do. Suddenly, holding this incredible book that I was reading, “Winter Solistice” by Rosamunde Pilcher, sitting before the ocean, I realized, that, I was working.

The only difference was, it did not feel like work since I loved what I was doing so much and would do it anyway, even if, it was not the means for me to make a living.

Overwhelmed by the realization, I was thanking God and feeling grateful for this act of mercy on His part. I can actually do what I love to do and make a living at it also.

It only took me a whole year to decided to take the right step in the right direction, leaving behind the security of my old job. I was stunned at the possibilities and frightened at the failures. If I fail, it will be a glorious failure, having spent time expressing and reading and writing and living. If I succeed, then I have accomplished what everyone sets out to do, love what they do and do it well.

Nothing is more fulfilling than to love the job that you do knowing that you can do it with grace and abandon. Never had I stopped writing, never had I stopped reading. But, to read and write for a job, is more than I could have dreamed of.

Stephen King said that if you have no time to read, you have no skills to write. Your tools are broken. So, from that I learned that the wonderful time reading was actually honing up on my skills and techniques. God bless you, Mr. King. You are my hero.

Writing is not about equipment, writing is about the tools your have, your words and the ones you learn along the way. How you say them, convey them and execute them in ways to move and entice your audience.

When all is said and done, I want to go out of this world some day, saying that I have done the things I wanted to do and loved to do. I do not want to regret the days I have spent without trying at least to do it.

Hug A Spunky Old Broad Today!

Today is Spunky Old Broad Day, and here is a tribute to all those wonderful over 50 spunky old women who turn everything into an adventure.

A Spunky Old Broad is full of enthusiasm and drive. Be careful, when you ask her what she thinks, she will tell you. Even, if, you don’t ask her, she might tell you.

She is over 50, can, out work, you and, out exercise, you, not because she is stronger, but harder headed, staying the course and not giving up. She is the one, who speed walks, everywhere, and you cannot keep up. You find yourself, constantly, saying, “What’s the rush! ”

Rushing? She is not rushing, she is just, moving. Get out of her way and let her do her thing. If you call a Spunky Old Broad to help, do not expect her to take orders and sit back while you drive the show. She will take over and make it work. After all, you did call her in, meaning, you called in, the troops, and she is it.

A Spunky Old Broad is full of energy. She is capable of releasing it into a room, electrifying those surrounding her. But, she can also, suck up all the energy, out of the room, making you feel like, a dolt. She is the dynamo of a room, the generator to the motion and nothing will stand in her way.

People around her will always comment, “Where’s the fire?” Fire? The fire is in her gut, in her soul. She is a Firestarter, and will move along and sizzle with gusto, electrifying everyone around her, to move and do. She is a paragon of strength and resolve.

One of her better qualities is her positive attitude.Rarely do you see her down. Her life is a series of enthusiastic endeavors all meant to help her community, the people around her and herself.

She is woman hear her roar, that Spunky Old Broad. And she likes it!

Silence in Harbin Hot Springs

I spent three days in silence at Harbin Hot Springs. Harbin was the easiest place to do that since it is a retreat where people go to meditate, think and soak in the hot springs of Middletown, CA.

It was not so much that I had a lot to say, no; it was the habit of commenting on everything. Finding out that most of what I say to my husband was unnecessary, was a real slap in the face. Being silent for three days gave me the opportunity to discover the absurdity of my conversations.

Finding out that I comment, non stop, on things around us, even people and nonsensical subjects, even. While silence made me realize that my observations were not necessary. The earth will still turn on its axis, without them. The sun, will still rise in the east, and set in the west, without, my expletives.

Silence brought on thoughtfulness and writing. Finding myself unable to communicate abruptly, everything was calculated. When I wrote my husband, it was to actually say something that needed to be said; like, let’s eat, not she looks like a frog.

It curbed my tongue, it curbed my thoughts. Ugly thoughts, were cut short, since there was no avenue for them. If my mind brought up vileness, it had to clear it up quickly, since it would have had to stay inside and fester. A true cleansing from the inside out.

I still practice silence. Every few weeks, I take a break, and shut up! I do not, have to be, at the Harbin quiet, to do it. No excuses, I just do it.

Silence is golden.

Here’s the link to check out the comfort of Harbin Hot Springs.

What is Your Compliment for Me?

Dear Baba Rumcake,

January 24th, is Compliment Day. When it rolls around, what is your compliment for me, Baba Rumcake?

Frankie in Florida

Dear Fishing … ummm, Frankie,

Compliment; an expression of esteem, respect, affection, or admiration; especially : an admiring remark

Antonym: criticism.

Today is Compliment Day. So, if you are expecting a compliment, read another posting. If you want a compliment, then you have not understood, the idea of this day nor, do you deserve a good word, now, or ever.

Most people, who wait, until they are fed, from the cesspool, of compliments, to accomplish anything, amount to nothing. No one here will pat you on the back, nor will tell you how great you are, no one.

Waiting for compliments, usually comes from those, worthless people who want the hot spot, want the lime light. With a good word, they can progress, produce but usually, with minimal results. Attaining comes from the inside, so get off your attention whoring self and work out a plan.

This day is about others. You, giving a compliment, to another. Do not do it, then wait around for them, to reciprocate, that defeats the purpose. Walk away, go to another, and, give them a compliment. Even if you do not mean it, say it. It will help your selfish, self centered ass, back into a more appealing person.

If you follow this simple rule, of coming out, and actually giving someone a compliment, you will notice beautiful things about others, you have missed while busy admiring yourself.

So, if you find this criticism, fault finding, knock, slam, put down too hard a pill to swallow, get over it.

Blessings, on this Compliment Day. Let me know how it works out for you.

The Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude is often misunderstood for groveling and scraping. It is the one action of the being that requires acknowledgment of a deed done. It requires a humble spirit that admits a need. It requires an open soul, that accepts help.

Gratitude does not cost us money or time. It costs us, our self. It costs the ego to undergo a tremendous change in outlook.

When in a retreat, years ago, one of the leaders noticed that the participants were too unfocused and scattered. He set up a circle, in the courtyard, with a chair. He put two basins of water and two towels in the middle.

He directed that, if anyone had a need to tell anyone else something important, they were to go to the center of the circle, pick up the basin and towel, go before that person, kneel down, and wash their feet.

The hardest part of this exercise was not with the people who did the washing, although, I am sure some people would have a hard time doing that. The hardest hit were the people in the chairs getting their feet washed. The presence of someone at your feet asking forgiveness, or professing love or friendship or even just sharing their heart, broke most everyone there.

It had a cleansing effect on the whole. No one walked away unmoved. No one walked away inattentive.

There was thankfulness and gratitude, abound, all around. No one went, unscathed. Give over to gratitude. It is one of the acts that is selfless and undemanding of its own. Gratitude, blesses the giver and the receiver equally.

Practice gratitude, it will make you stay in the now,  not want what is next. It will make you love what you have,  not wait for what else is to come. It will make you happy to be satisfied with the way things are and what you have. It is not a tool to be lazy, it is a tool for grounding, and it opens your heart.