Making Room by Corinne Rodrigues

When we were renovating our apartment, we had the freedom to play around with the space in the way we wanted. We received suggestions to expand our sitting room in to a much bigger space. The idea was that we could then accommodate a lot more people when we entertained. However, the fact is that we don’t entertain much – never a large group of people any way, so we saw no use for a larger sitting room.

What did we do with the space instead? We used it to make a large study with lots of shelves for our books –  that we have collected separately over the years and many that we have acquired as a couple. Books are something that both of us prize and we were prepared to make space for them.

As I thought about this today, I realized how this could be a metaphor for life. If you prize something very much you will make room for it in your life. You will be willing to let go of something else in order to accommodate what you value. If you value someone, you will make sure that you spend time with them. If you value your health, you will make sure you exercise. In reflecting on this,  I realized that health is very low on my list of values – that needs to change and fast.

What is it that you value and need to make more room for in your life?

May you be inspired – everyday!

Sonia sez: Corinne Rodrigues is not only an inspirational writer but also a friend. With miles apart, we still managed to make what I hope is a long-term friendship. A motivational Speaker, a life Coach and a wonderful Writer, she continues to inspire those around her and those who visit her site. May she inspire you – everyday!


Greetings from the wilderness of Alaska. My name is Anna and Sonya has graciously invited me to write up a little something for her blog. First, a little about me. I live what some might consider a homesteader’s life out here in the wilderness of Alaska, and when I say wilderness, I don’t mean out in the country, I really mean wilderness. To get in and out of this place a boat is required during the summer and a snow-machine is required during the winter. A bush plane will work both seasons, but in between, nothing works – there’s no going anywhere.

Living out here has giving me a very eye-opening perspective on the value of things. Since getting things here, it is imperative that we weigh the importance of what we buy carefully. Not that I was one to surround myself with all the comforts of life, but light was always available at the flip of a switch and water was always there when I flushed the toilet. You thought I was going to say ‘turn on the faucet’, well that qualifies too – I can do neither here.

So, what is important to me? What is enough? Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at shopping for the entire year, and if I don’t get enough of something, well darn, I generally do without whatever that something is.

I don’t buy clothes every day, or every year for that matter, though since I’ve managed to lose fifty pounds last summer, I’m due for some new clothes. I buy food. I buy fuel. If I had school age kids, I might need to get some clothes for them once in a while, but I raised my kids out here and they never ran out of clothes either. Most of the neighbors all had kids too, give or take a few years so hand-me-downs were abundant.

What else do I spend my summer wages on? You’re reading this post so I have electricity (our own generator) and I have internet – the one really incongruous thing about my homesteader lifestyle. That and the phone bill are about the only monthly bills we have.

We got internet because I published a book and needed to do my own advertising. AuthorHouse wasn’t going to do any for me – they made their money from my book, they could move on to the next author looking to self-publish a book. What I can do on the internet isn’t what most author’s can do so living out here has its drawbacks, but I try my best to remind people every day that I do have a book out there. Good news is, I’ll have another one out there early next year, and the great part is, quite a few people are already waiting for the news so they can buy a copy.

The only thing about having a book out there, it’s not a consumable product – it doesn’t go away after it’s read, so an avid reader doesn’t need to buy my book more than once. All I can count on is that they will tell their friends and someone else will buy a copy.

Since I’ve had this nice little connection to the outside world, I’ve kept an eye peeled for tips on how to write better. I’ve also gleaned all the advice about advancing my writing career that I can find. So, thanks to the www, I now have three blogs, when at one time I didn’t have a clue what to do with one.

My first and primary blog is my writing blog, Anna’s Obsession.

Following advice I’ve gleaned from several different sources that said I should be willing to give something away, I started a second blog. I wrote a story that happened to break into very short chapters so I thought it would make a great blog, and it would be free. I post up a chapter a week, and it is purely for my readers’ entertainment. When it’s finished, I plan to publish it as a book. I’m not sure if I will charge for the book then or not. I’ll make my decision when I get that far. I hope you stop by and read it, and I really hope you enjoy it.

And for those of you who might be interested in my private life. I’ve created a third blog where I share many of the funnier stories about my life. Be assured that I welcome questions about my life – they help me decide what my next post will be.

So what is enough for me? Well let’s do the math. I make about $1500 a month for most of four months during the summer, and at this point, I make roughly $2 per book if you buy a new copy from Amazon. Amazon offers my book at a sale price calling them used and maybe they are, I can’t say, but I don’t make any money from those. At this point, I’m just thrilled to get them out there. At any rate, to break even and make it so I don’t have to work summers any more, I need to sell about 3000 books a year. Ah well, maybe someday, when I have a few more books out there. I have a dozen full length novels waiting to be published and a bunch of short stories too. I’m looking for an eBook publisher to help me with those.

You say, use Lulu or CreateSpace or SmashWords. I could, but you see, I need help with advertising and these places won’t do any more for me than AuthorHouse did for $2400.

Nice chatting with you all
Hope to see you in my corner of the world soon
Anna L. Walls

When is Enough Good Enough

Since I do not want to mention a name, suffice it to say that RR a billionaire was just sentenced to an eleven year jail term for insider trading. Everyone does it, but he got caught. It saved him a whopping $70,000,000. Now remember, he is a billionaire. I do not wish to bash RR, I am just using his situation as an example.

My question to you is, when is enough? What is enough? How much money do we need to generate, to be satisfied? Is 10 billion enough? Looked upon as one of the richest in the world, enough? If we have adequate food, shelter and clothing is that enough? Are a pair of nameless jeans not good enough?

The dictionary states that it is: “as much or as many as required”. So the truth is, we are the ones to decide how much is enough and when is enough.

So in the end it is a matter of choice. Time and again, our choices make a difference to our environment, our friends and our fellow man. It does not mean to relinquish ambition and success. It means to know when enough is enough.

Today, here is my prayer for you:
May you be satisfied with your day
May your accomplishments give you hope
May your needs be met
May your health get better
May you live a fulfilling life
May what you have serve to satisfy all your needs.

Crossroads of Failure and Success May Not Exist

When coming to a crossroad, by its very nature, it has two ways. One cannot walk both but have to choose. If the choice does not fulfill our immediate needs, there is sensations of let down and feeling of discouragement.

What if you choose to think of “the wrong turn” as experience for growth instead of failure? What would happen if you choose to believe that every road you take is the right road and will lead somewhere you will gain. May not be riches or fame, but instead, insight and spiritual growth.

Here is my prayer for you today:
May the roads you take, follow through with joy.
May what you thought a dirt road increase your heart with the wonder of life.
May the times you think you took the wrong turn, turn out to be the best.
May your mishaps become your delight
May your misstep allow you to fall into good and comforting arms.
May you always feel.

Mushrooms Need the Dark And the Bull

They say that mushrooms are kept in the dark and are fed bull. And that may be true but when you are in the dark sometimes you grow better.

We are not all the same. Some need sunshine and some moonlight. Some need constant touch while others prefer their space. Some are attention hogs while others strive for obscurity.

In any case, we flourish differently, under the worst and the best of circumstances. Some need the darkness without the sun’s burn, pushing through the earth and burst in color. We grow strong from adversity and soft hearted from loving.

Just because a mushroom is in the dark does not mean it does not have its own beauty. After all Knowledge puffs but mercy and charity overcome all evil.

So, if you need to be a mushroom, so be it. If you need to be a sunflower, so be it. Never become anything other than what you are. You are precious.