Peter Pan, my eye!

Dear Baba Rumcake,

I screwed up, growing up. I can’t handle the world

I’m having some Peter Pan problems. Can’t face it.

But my parents, are too old to move back in with, and they didn’t really prepare me.

They did what they could. This introversion crap, was ok, in highschool, college, ok, but I’m 40. It’s just not cutting it, anymore.

Bratty in Baldwin

Bratty, Dude,
It may be true, but you are way overdue! After college, which is already late, there are no excuses for blaming parents.

Get on the stick! Get off your duff, stop the blame, and get a move on. Find yourself a niche. Find a life and get on with it, you, slug, you blaming, irresponsible excuse of a man.

Stop grousing, accept your culpability, and do the right thing.

Suggesting that you “cannot face the world” amounts only to one thing, you are a derelict, who does not want responsibility. Being delinquent when you are young, is not acceptable; but as an adult, it is criminal.

Peter Pan, my eye! That is an old excuse that has been over used and chewed upon to death. At least be creative, finding a more decent excuse for using your parents.

Or, find yourself, a Sugar Mama and keep living like a ‘hang on’, a zit, on the face of humanity.

Grow up, quickly!

Blessings! Wishing you a swift kick in the ass,

Baba Rumcake

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