True Confessions Can Be Destructive

Tree in summerTrue Confessions Day

Please don’t be stupid and go confessing something that would cause trouble in your marriage or relationships in general. Just because today is True Confessions Day does not mean you should go into work and tell your Boss that you hate them, no matter how much you want to do it.

Just because today claims to be that day does not mean you have to tell your sister that if she was not family, you would never have thought of knowing her. It is not only creepy, it is rude and unnecessary.

Do not go and tell your spouse that you have been having an affair with her best friend. Who cares you silly sod. Keep it to yourself and do not ruin her life and her relationships. [Read more…]

Long Distance Not Hot Enough

This guy is becoming distant…what to do?
I met this guy online and he expressed deep interest and how he feels about me. Then the 2nd time we chat, I told him how I feel about him. One thing is every time I chat with him, it goes really well but afterward I am gone like for a week before chat with him again.

Now after 3 chats, I feel he is cooling off. But I am not sure if it is because I told him how I feel so he lost interest. I tried to reconcile with him, and he answers my messages but is always lukewarm with close ended answers.

Anyone tell me what is the reason causing the cool off? Should I go ahead ask straight what is the reason since trying to small chat has failed?
Thanks and your sincere advice is really appreciated!
Cooling Off Freezing Me Off


  • This is a long distance chat.
  • This has only lasted for three chats
  • How can you have feelings for someone after a single chat?
  • How hot was he from a long distance after one chat?
  • So what if he cools off, you do not even know him.
  • If his answers are close ended, he is not interested and keeping you for a lonely night when there is no one else online.
  • If you want to ask him, outright, what is stopping you?

Blessings on keeping warm,
Baba Rumcake

Kierkegaard, Not Antonym to Belief

soren.jpg“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”
— Søren Kierkegaard

Kierkegaard is by far one of our most brilliant philosophers of this time. His writings all stem from his education by a father who was well to do.

His devotion and his writings centered around the idea that we come to God individually not as a whole. It was based on the idea that the relationship with Christ was subjective and personal stemming from faith which is personal. [Read more…]

Living Happily Socks Bitchy Gravity

rhino-butt.jpgAfter taking my shower, I stepped out of the tub and stood before my mirror. As I looked, suddenly my butt fell down. Now, what are the odds of being before a mirror when gravity takes hold and yanks you down?

But there you have it. My hands flew behind me to keep it from sliding any further down to no avail. Following that momentous occasion, my belly followed suit and here I stood with a tire around my midriff lamenting my years of exercise. [Read more…]