Scents of the Past Pleasantly Color the Present

Scents and smells are most compelling in most people’s lives. The comfort of home and that special smell of Constant Comment wafting in the room as you talked to your favorite Aunt, or the scent of that lovely woman who bent down and kissed your cheek as a child, or even the smell of frying onions that Mom delivered when you came back from school.

Whatever the scent, whichever the scent, it accosted you and stayed with you for many years. Until some time in the present, it blew by you again and you stopped for that lovely moment to remember something good.

Most of the scents and smells for me are positive thoughts. The mother of my childhood friend made the most impression on me as an eight year old. She always smelled of wonder and far away gardens. I adored her.

Here are some that make up good memories and I still use them.

Cabotine de Gres.jpg

Cabotine de Gres

First, Van Cleef&Arpels.jpg

First, Van Cleef & Arpels

Jacomo Parfum Rare.jpg

Parfum Rare, Jacomo

Yves Saint Laurent, Rive Gauche.jpg

Rive Gauche, Yves Saint Laurent

Carmel Mission Where We Found Quiet

Carmel Mission Doorway.jpg

Carmel Mission Doorway – Oil pastel on paper by Sonia Rumzi

Never underestimate the power of quietude. Never take quiet for granted. Always appreciate the moments of noiseless peace where even the rustle of wisteria leaves are heard. A place where our souls renewed.

The Ends of the Earth!

When you tour the United States, there is much to admire. Our country is full of wonder and beauty. From deserts to ocean shores, you can go to hill country and mountain lands. Landscapes and wonders abound.

Here are two places my husband and I visited. It left me with a sense of awe and wonder. After taking pictures, I went home and drew what I saw.

Cape Flattery, WA.png

Cape Flattery, Washington. Pastels on oil.

The Lost Coast, CA.png

The Lost Coast, California. Pastels on oil.

Left Handedness Is From the Devil

left handed.jpg

Me, left handed cooking.

My first grade teacher (bless her heart) hit me with a ruler because I used my left hand to write. I spent most of the year trying to use my weaker hand for the most important thing in class, writing. I did not do well in school that year or any other for that matter. She believed that being left handed came from the devil who whispered over our shoulders from the very same side, the left side.

But, here is what matters, I am still left handed, while I also use my right hand.

In her attempt to make me a “normal” right handed person, my teacher managed to make me ambidextrous. I do not remember how awful it was to be beaten with a ruler. All I know is that I use both hands now.

I stir food with my left hand and write with my right hand. I change from one hand to the other if the light is just right when I color my drawings. I write with my left hand on a blackboard but sweep the floors with my left hand. I play tennis with my left hand but crocket with my right hand. I surf the web and use a mouse with my right hand but draw with my right hand.

I am sending thanks and blessing to my teacher who made me part of who I am today, Ambidextrous and loving it. Thank you, I am grateful.

Right handed.jpg

Me, right handed writing.