Free To Be Creepy

which-one-are-you.jpgItchy, Bitchy, Crampy, Moody, Weepy, you get the idea. Which one are you?

At birth we are 90% body water. In adulthood it decreases to 70-75%. When we age we dry up like prunes and we are at an ever low of 50%.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because today is Perigean Spring Tides. I could go on and on and explain what that is but you will find that on Wikipedia.

My interest in this came from the fact that since our bodies are 75% water, then the effect of the moon is higher on us, than we originally thought. The gravitational pull by the moon on our insides is effective and devastating at the same time.

An awesome power that pulls and pushes us to the maximum. If the moon can cause the vast waters of the oceans to change tides up or down with such force, what do our little bodies have to fend themselves against such a storm?

Hence, our problems with PMS. There, we finally discovered the problem with the blasted symptoms. We get dragged out, pulled out from the inside, feeling the tugging and hauling as the gravitational forces rip us to shreds.

There, don’t you feel better now knowing that it is not your fault. Don’t you feel justified that your moods are not your own fault. You can rest assured that with this knowledge men will be more tolerant of your nasty moods and your creepy attitude.

The moon and the sun are aligned every two weeks which result in spring tides……..

See it happens every two weeks so, they should be grateful that you are a sweetheart the rest of the time.

Additionally, twice each month, around the times of the new and full moon, there is an increase in the tides.

Granted we only PMS once a month, but this data gives us allowances for bitchiness, twice a month, even. This will increase the sensitivity of men towards our undeserved stamp, where they question, “Are you on the rag?”. Nature is the matter. We have no control.

Yeah, right! Not a chance! Get over yourself and get a life!

  • Jsclarks

    sounds like all the baby boomers are going to create global flooding with all that evaporation….