Lonely Condom Seeks Valentine

Valentine’s Day with National Condom Week


Is it any surprise that today is not only Valentine’s Day but also National Condom Week? Not to me. I can see the correlation here. Honestly, can’t you see it?

Here we are embarking on another V-day where expectations are high and demand is even higher. So, she is expecting a great dinner with flowers and chocolates. You may not be ready to give her that ring she wants but you sure want to get into her pants tonight, right? [Read more...]

Never Invites Me to Partys

So I have a ? I have a fiance that never invites me with him to his friends partys he says I wont have fun but how would he know he never ask what do you think?


Dear Confused,

I refuse to correct your spelling errors, punctuation disasters and all round illiterate writing.

You are either blind, stupid or just want a man just to have one. If this boy does not introduce you to his friends, he is:

  • ashamed of you
  • has a wife
  • has a girlfriend
  • has another woman
  • dating others
  • sleeping with all

But most importantly, he is lying. Nothing is so strange or weird about behavior that is obvious. Seems to be obvious but not to you, I can see that. Just because a man uses the word fiance or engaged does not mean that he is not using it with another woman or even a wife.

Dump the bastard! He is a lying, scum bag and you need to get away from him. This will not end well and you will get hurt when you find out some day that he also children and a wife.

Romance Never Dies Away

Movie Review – The Holiday

When you think, at least when I think of Jack Black, I do not think romantic, adorable or cute. I think gross, silly and funny but lovable. But in this movie Jack Black is not only debonaire but charming and wonderful in a most romantic aspect I have ever seen him in since he started doing movies. The man is talented beyond belief, he can sing and he can play the piano and now I know that he can be handsome and romantic. Will wonders never cease.

It does not hurt that the woman who shares the screen with him is none other than the lovely Kate Winslet whose charm and beauty covers all ill. She is love struck and in romance pain when she finds a place to exchange for vacation and comes to LA. The woman she exchanges homes with is the successful advertiser Cameron Diaz who is also having her own romantic meltdown.

Enter Jude Law and there is the complete cast of the wonderful romantic holiday movie to see every year.
This is the movie for women to get a glass of wine, pull up your chairs and eat some sushi while you wallow with some tissues in a few tears and some fun movie watching. Yes, older movie but one to watch every year or more. Adorable and lovely.

List Why You Chose Your Partner

When things get tough in your relationship, remember all the things you loved about your partner.

Lists, are one of the most important projects you will accomplish in your life. They keep you focused and on task. Use it, to list why you fell in love, why that person was the one. Remember to add to the list the reasons you were convinced that they would make the perfect mate. Remember how they made you feel, good, elated or special. Any number of safe and solid reasons you decided on that choice. [Read more...]

Creep Hates Rejection Obviously

Dear Baba Rumcake,
I’m at a bar and someone I’m talking to asks, “So, if I give you my number will you call me?”
I responded with a simple smile of flattery and a verbal “No.”
He thought I was rude for saying that and told me so. I resisted saying he was rude for asking such a loaded question.
So, which is ruder?
Tell the person no, you won’t call him. It might hurt their feelings, but they know where they stand.
Tell the person yes, you’ll call and then let them wait for a phone call which will never come, and eventually causes them to think you’re a jerk for making an empty promise.
Bar Room Confused
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BF erased posting on FB

Dear Baba Rumcake,
I’ve been dating a guy definitely for about 8 weeks, before we were friends for 8 months.
We’ve been sleeping together. Even took me out for Valentine’s Day.
Today he posted some funny video on Facebook, and I replied to it. Something sweet, but in no way vulgar or strange. He removed my post. So when I asked him why, he said because it “implies you are my GF”. He has been trying to apologize. What should I do? I am so hurt.
So Hurt it Hurts
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Cheating How To Know

How to assess:

  • Feeling like something is wrong: trust you intuition. If you think something is wrong, pay attention. Unless of course you are one of those apt to find a problem everywhere.
  • Constant privacy: if they start to need more time “alone” to surf the net or to go out with friends or to just be without you and they did not do it before, something is up.
  • If they state that you are “just friends”: if suddenly you become just friends then something is on the back burner. They just have not had the courage to break off with you yet, since the other thing is not for sure yet.
  • I love you so much but not “in love” with you: this is the time to run the other way if things are not so deep. If you care then you have to figure out what is going on.
  • More showers than usual: Cheating people will often pay close attention to their grooming habits. Dress better, make sure their hair is perfect. There is a certain amount of normal in this but if it changes suddenly, pay attention, something is up, they are impressing someone.
  • Late evening work hours: a certain amount of late at work is reasonable but if starts up suddenly and keeps getting longer and more often then they are seeing someone else.
  • Needing space: when you are a couple, space is limited but when it is demanded when it was not before, something is up.

In general, the rule of thumb is to pay close attention if things change suddenly in areas that were normal for the two of you. Habits changing or attitudes even. If they get angry too quickly lately or never show up on time when they say they would. When you call they do not pick up.

Refrain from being paranoid but do not be stupid.

Why Men Seek Youth

I saw this and thought i should post for women to see.
Free advice from Baba Rumcake that explains how some men are scumbags.

Bad News and the Good News…
Sorry if this is harsh but its good (life changing) advice.
The bad news is you are right. I am 32 and am not interested in girls my own age anymore. [Read more...]

Long Distance Not Hot Enough

This guy is becoming distant…what to do?
I met this guy online and he expressed deep interest and how he feels about me. Then the 2nd time we chat, I told him how I feel about him. One thing is every time I chat with him, it goes really well but afterward I am gone like for a week before chat with him again.

Now after 3 chats, I feel he is cooling off. But I am not sure if it is because I told him how I feel so he lost interest. I tried to reconcile with him, and he answers my messages but is always lukewarm with close ended answers.

Anyone tell me what is the reason causing the cool off? Should I go ahead ask straight what is the reason since trying to small chat has failed?
Thanks and your sincere advice is really appreciated!
Cooling Off Freezing Me Off


  • This is a long distance chat.
  • This has only lasted for three chats
  • How can you have feelings for someone after a single chat?
  • How hot was he from a long distance after one chat?
  • So what if he cools off, you do not even know him.
  • If his answers are close ended, he is not interested and keeping you for a lonely night when there is no one else online.
  • If you want to ask him, outright, what is stopping you?

Blessings on keeping warm,
Baba Rumcake