Jan 21, International Fetish Day

Today is International Fetish Day.

Now what do you think of that? Have you ever thought what your fetish is? There are a wide variety of fetishes in the world and since this is an international day, I thought that listing them all would be interesting. How useful, I am not really certain of that. But, why always write what is important.

Entertainment for today!

A list of fetishes and my commentary:

Acomoclitic – the preference of hairless genitalia…

Botulinonia – using a sausage as a dildo., …just don’t cook it later, please

Choreophilia – sexually aroused by dancing, ….that’s what the Baptists said, it leads to sex.

Doraphilia – arousal from fur or animal skin, …..ewwwww, side of beef.

Endytphoilia – refers to preferring sex partners to be clothed rather than naked, …..why for heaven’s sake. Puritans.

Gomphipothic – arousal by seeing teeth, ….. huh?

Homilophilia – arousal from giving sermon or speech., ….no wonder he was so thrilled all the time.

Inspectionism – Voyeurism, …we all do that when we watch movies, get over it.

Jactitation – arousal from bragging about sexual exploits, ….every friggin’ locker room is raging then.

Kleptolagnia – arousal from stealing, ….well, that’s alright then, you can have it, :)

Lactaphilia – arousal from lactating breasts, ….see that is why they ask women to cover up when feeding, risking discovery.

Melolagnia – arousal from music, …. ta ra la la la tra la la…O crap, done.

Nanophilia – attraction to, vertically challenged people, ….yep thought I should be PC.

Ochlophilia – arousal from biting, ….Ok, just take your rabies shots first.

Psychrotentiginous – Arousal from cold water, …Now that is just wrong.

Rhabdophilia – Arousal from being flogged, beaten or caned, ….Gimme that rod, I’ll take care of your problem.

Satyriasis – Male equivalent of nymphomania, ….That is just called a male slut.

Timophilia – Arousal from power or wealth, ….Now I get it, no wonder Cheney needed it, the limp biscuit.

Urtication – The use of stinging plants to stimulate the skin, ….Ouch!

Vincilagnia – Arousal from bondage, ….Talk about keeping someone in their place.

Xenophilia – Sexual arousal from strangers, ….Yeah, you don’t hate them since you do not know them, :)

Zwischenstufe – Arousal from person/s of the same sex, ….Is that like homosexual?

A to Z, International Fetish Day

— Sonya