Silence in Harbin Hot Springs

I spent three days in silence at Harbin Hot Springs. Harbin was the easiest place to do that since it is a retreat where people go to meditate, think and soak in the hot springs of Middletown, CA.

It was not so much that I had a lot to say, no; it was the habit of commenting on everything. Finding out that most of what I say to my husband was unnecessary, was a real slap in the face. Being silent for three days gave me the opportunity to discover the absurdity of my conversations.

Finding out that I comment, non stop, on things around us, even people and nonsensical subjects, even. While silence made me realize that my observations were not necessary. The earth will still turn on its axis, without them. The sun, will still rise in the east, and set in the west, without, my expletives.

Silence brought on thoughtfulness and writing. Finding myself unable to communicate abruptly, everything was calculated. When I wrote my husband, it was to actually say something that needed to be said; like, let’s eat, not she looks like a frog.

It curbed my tongue, it curbed my thoughts. Ugly thoughts, were cut short, since there was no avenue for them. If my mind brought up vileness, it had to clear it up quickly, since it would have had to stay inside and fester. A true cleansing from the inside out.

I still practice silence. Every few weeks, I take a break, and shut up! I do not, have to be, at the Harbin quiet, to do it. No excuses, I just do it.

Silence is golden.

Here’s the link to check out the comfort of Harbin Hot Springs.