Show Piece on the Dance Floor

My father whom I admired with all my heart said that, “A man takes a woman to the dance floor and she becomes his show-piece. He does not overcome her with his presence but shows off her beauty and charm. He shows her off.”

When I saw Easy Virtue, I thought of my wonderful father and his poignant thoughts on the subject. As a man from Egypt, one would not think he was so progressive and avant-garde. But he was. When he died, I was heart-broken. He left me with thoughts and ideas to last me till the day I die.

People have suggested that I walk well in high heels. Non other than my father is responsible for that also. When he saw me walking like a new born giraffe, he took it upon himself to spend some evenings with me. He placed a book on my head and watched me walk back and forth in the living room till I managed to step properly.

“If you cannot walk in the damn shoes, don’t wear them,” he said several times, smiling and indulging me.

I also indulged him and followed his direction. Though small in stature, he was large in spirit and heart. No one else took the time but my father taught me to Tango, Rumba, Samba and Waltz.

This dance is for my father whom I loved.

Notting Hill Still Rocks My Boat!

This is the second movie for Julia Roberts this month. I am featuring her all month on the blog.

An old one but a good one is Notting Hill. If you still love romance, if you want to see romance and need to experience love at a safe distance, this is a wonderful movie. A famous actress, Roberts, meets a book shopkeeper Hugh Grant in Notting Hill and they fall in love.

Call me a sentimentalist! I do not care but this is one of my favorite movies. It stays in the Women’s Romance pack in my home. I loved it from beginning to end.

Phone the girls, make some popcorn, get some candy and watch the love story unfold. Love it.

***** Yep, five stars baby and I own the DVD.

Eat Pray Love All fixed Up

This month is Julia Roberts month on my site. I love the woman and will review four of her movies every Tuesday. I find her charming, alluring and the girl next door all rolled into one. She is a delight keeping herself out of the nasty limelight of Hollywood trash.

She made the movie! Eat Pray Love was one of the most annoying books ever. The heroine, a whiney self centered woman with no good reason for her selfish ambitions. A creepy personality with nothing lovable.

Roberts changed all that in the movie, making her one of the most charming and wonderful heroines of the new woman. In search of herself but without the whine, she created a searching character we could all as women, relate to. In search first for her own character, then for love, she takes an amazing trip to Europe then the Far East.

She shares the screen with handsome Javier Bardem, Richard Jenkins, her mentor and others who help her along the way.

A wonderful story of love. Love of all kinds, friendships, teachers and lovers. Wonderful movie!

Tell Me Who To Date

A psychiatrist discovers something about her patient that shatters their relationship keeping her wondering if she should continue helping her.

Meryl Streep is again amazing as she portrays a Jewish psychiatrist counseling Uma Thurman on her love life, in particular. As the story unfolds the three people involved meet making tension escalate even further.

A good solid growing up story. It is fun but sad. The ending left much to be desired but at least it was not your typical Hollywood ending. Much improvement.

**** Loved it! Love Streep and Thurman combo. Good flick! Yes, I own it.