A Challenge for the New Year 2012


Having been challenged to come up with three words to cover my goals for the new upcoming year, I struggled little, since it was on my mind anyway.

My three words are: Shall Not Want.

When thinking of my successful past and the money I made over the years, I felt bewildered then somewhat discouraged. But, my needs are all met and then some.

I have a new telephone (Blackberry by the way since they have a keyboard) and a brand new Canon camera. I have a new Mac pro.

I have wonderful daughters and most excellent grandsons.

A loving and caring husband.


Last but not least I have my health.

Hence the thought that came like a flash to me: Shall Not Want.

Have a wonderful New Year. May your needs be met and your life blessed.

Gratitude Beyond Measure


Flckr photo

For this morning I am overwhelmed with the kindness of people around me. Some who have never met me, do not really know me and some who know me well.

For friendship and for unfailing support, I want to thank writer and dear friend Elizabeth Marshall, When Fate Dictates.

For friendship and help and support even when I am not online, I want to thank historical authorZoe Saadia The Cahokian.

For always remembering me, leaving me notes and special videos and music, I want to thank Corinne Rodriguez of Everyday Gyaan.

For laughs, messages and amazing art, for kind reminders I want to thank my online friend and wonderful writer, Totsymae.

For Ravenmyth who never fails to pass on my writing to others, you have helped me tremendously with your kindness, taking the time to do it.

These friends have made my 2011 a wonderful and blessed year. Thank you for remembering me, helping me and passing me notes in the class of life once in a while. I love you.

Christmas is near, Ideas for Giving #5


Project Night Night
About one of 50 children in the United States is homeless. I found that to be a staggering number in our rich land. Help if you can this Christmas time of giving and charity.


Books for Africa
It may seem like a frivolous thing to do. But what if you could not hold a book or read ever because you simply cannot get your hands on pulp? Never underestimate the power of education and helping. Fifty cents sends a book to a child in Africa.


Edvard Munch

Ronald McDonald House
If we help families stay together during crisis, it allows a child to heal faster. The Ronald McDonald Home allows people to stay close to their children who are under different treatments in hospitals. It is a simple way to help. Check it out!.


New Eyes
Yes, we get tired of our eyeglasses and discard them for newer, prettier models. But what if you could not even get the original pair because you could not afford it? Give your old glasses and you help someone in need.

My wish for you this Christmas is that God may open your eyes, your heart and your mind.

Merry Christmas!

Few Days Left for Christmas Giving Idea #4

Giving sometimes is easier than receiving. What if this year, you decided to buy for a family. What if you adopt one and decide to do the shopping, have the fun of the mall and the crowds, but doing it for a family, other than your own?

Just a thought!


Photo by Gustav Faran

Giving to the Salvation Army would be one way of doing this. Not only talking about the guys outside the stores with their bells. We are talking about the organization itself. And adopt a family!

If you do not feel that this an organization you can associate yourself with and prefer another source, try the military people. It is good to have choices when it comes to offering your services.

We forget that our military men and women not only offer their lives for our freedom but they make very little money for it. We should take care of our own and boost them in this wonderful Christmas time, the birth of Jesus.

Along the way I discovered a wonderful home from which wafts blessings and love to everyone touching it. Here is an another option for you. Try Anna’s House, see how that pantry works for you. If you want to let her make the baskets and give things away, you can try her.

How about them guys? I love them too. Try out these guys on for size! Ummm, you know what I mean! Soup Kitchen people who help all the time!


For $6000 We Will Interview You

So today I got an interesting phone call from a well known network. The Associate Producer and Guest Coordinator sent me e-mail that he wanted to talk to me. How delightful! I was stoked.

For ten minutes, he told me that my book Caring for Eleanor would be perfect for their show that caters to women. My books on the whole would be perfect for their segment.


I got slightly suspicious when he asked when I would be on the East Coast. Ah, thought I to myself, they will not fly me over. But hey, I can handle that, maybe?

It got worse from there, after explaining that they get hundreds of thousands in advertising if some product comes on my segment and talks, he proceeded to tell me that I have to fork out $6000. Yep! You heard right. I may be perfect for their platform BUT I have to pay them to interview me.


Not just no! But hell no! I will plug along and keep writing. Keep my nose to the grind and work. Thank you for nothing!

Authors beware! I am not the first or the last to be approached. God save us from the scammers who take advantage of the little people. :)

A Few Days Left for Christmas Giving Ideas #3- Chemo Caps

For this the third idea, I found these amazing sites for you to ponder. A dear friend of mine, Diane is involved in crocheting and knitting Chemo therapy caps for cancer patients. Diane sends what she makes to Bev’s Country Cottage where they are given to the patients.


Don’t leave their heads bare this Season. Give them a hug from near or far. Head Huggers gives you patterns and designs. Get creative, learn a new art and help someone else.

A woman’s hair is her glory and a bald child tugs at the heart. Women, men and children, even babies are not immune to this horrific disease. It leaves them without hair on any part of their body. Give a gift that will stay with them in their toughest time.


If you do not know how to make anything, you can donate to Brimming With Love the makings of a cap, whether knitted, crocheted or sewn.

I leave you with a blessing this day: God bless you this season of love, the season of giving, the Christmas season where we celebrate His love for us all. Make it what it always was, a birthday for Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

A Few Days Till Christmas Gift Ideas 2

As I promised I will come up with a few ideas till the end of this wonderful season to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

What if with just $25 dollars you can change the life of someone on the other side of the world. Have you heard of KIVA Loans?


Nafisa lives in Changamwe, Kenya and owns a salon business which has been in operation for one year. She is married and has three children, two of whom are in school. She is also employed elsewhere.


Alice is 32 years old and lives in the town of Kireka in Uganda. She is married and has four children, three of whom are currently in school. For the past twelve years, Alice has been working hard to manage her vegetable stall, which sells different kinds of fresh produce.

What if for just a few dollars you can change the lives of some people this wonderful time of year. What if we together can give them hope and something to look forward to. They are not looking for a handout, they receive the loan and then return it. Your money is then used again to loan another person of your choice.


When you go to the site you will see so many choices, so many people, so much need. If you open your heart this season, this might be something to look into.

Join the many who have opened their hearts and purses becoming part of the solution.

Merry Christmas and let us return the season to who it belongs to, our Lord Jesus and His birth.

A Few Days Till Christmas Ideas For Giving

One of the hardest things to do is decide on Christmas giving. If part of your offering is to others, then this should not come as a surprise.

Over the next few days, I will suggest to you several venues. Take me up on one or all but think of at least one of the suggestions seriously.

For today it is my favorite people of Smile Train.


No child should grow with such facial deformity. But with a few dollars a year, each child could get the surgery needed. This Christmas make someone smile for real. Give a mother’s heart comfort, a child confidence and yourself the satisfaction of knowing you did something for someone else.

Yes, this is one cause close to my heart. Don’t ask me why! I have no reason, just is.

Merry Christmas with a big smile!