Failing Kindergarten! Now what?

Dear Baba Rumcake,

I’m crazy about this girl, who won’t have me.

Or, rather, she won’t have me, again.

But I’ve got a gf. I shouldn’t even want, anyone else. The gf is a good person, attractive, sweet. The passion is understated, though. And, I think she’s got some deep seated issues. She’s very quiet.

Is being excited about someone a turnoff for them? I never seem to get the ones I’m excited about.

Wanting in Wichita

Dear Wanting,

I did not miss the word ‘again’ in your note. You need to be clear in your own head about what you want.

So, you did have this girl, and she wanted you, at one time. So, the question is, did you, break it off? And if you did, did you do it, because of the same reasons, that you do not want the new girlfriend? Are you just a greedy, unsatisfied scumbag?

Seems to me, you are not satisfied with what you have, period! It does not matter which girlfriend you get, you will want another.

Not to mention, your innocent, present girlfriend, who has no idea that you are such a low life. If there is no passion, leave her. At least you give her a chance to find someone who has the same level of desire.

You obviously did not learn anything in kindergarten. Namely, being happy with the toy you have, instead of going over and taking another one for yourself. Seems to me, you like wanting what you cannot have.

As for your next question, you are correct. Yes, most people get creeped out, by insistent, unwanted advances.

Stay away from the old, appreciate the new!

Blessings on wanting what you have, instead of having what you cannot,
Baba Rumcake