List Why You Chose Your Partner

When things get tough in your relationship, remember all the things you loved about your partner.

Lists, are one of the most important projects you will accomplish in your life. They keep you focused and on task. Use it, to list why you fell in love, why that person was the one. Remember to add to the list the reasons you were convinced that they would make the perfect mate. Remember how they made you feel, good, elated or special. Any number of safe and solid reasons you decided on that choice. [Read more...]

Lips Tell Who You Are

LipsLips Appreciation Day

Nothing says beautiful as a pair of gorgeous lush lips, with a sparkling wine color. Whatever your preference is for eyes and body, lips are the only time people agree that full and voluptuous is the hallmark of gorgeous in the flappers department.

The dictionary describes them as the fleshy part that is over and below the teeth and mouth. Lips have been exalted in literature, poetry and paintings. Nothing says I love you, like a plump pair of lips. [Read more...]

Sweet Serenity with Books in Sequestered Nooks

Books Longfellow“The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books” — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Whether you like reading while holding a book in your hands or reading on a well lit screen where the words glow at you, you are still a reader of the written word.

A book is a friend and companion as your computer screen or i-pad or reader would be to you. There is a hesitation in some to admit their enjoyment for the practical use of electronic devices to achieve the same pleasure derived from pulp. [Read more...]

Result Oriented Appleseed Was Not

Apple-Tree.jpgDoes it matter whether you can see the results of your handiwork or not? If the story of Johnny Appleseed is to be believed and let’s just say we do, then everything he did, he walked away from, knowing full well that he would not see the results of his toil.

It takes strength of resolve and a determined heart to do things without seeing first hand the product of what we have worked so hard to accomplish. [Read more...]

What Will They Wear Tonight

oscar-dress.jpgThe Academy Awards are tonight.

The night where everyone will be glued to their television sets to find out who will win and who will bomb this year.

It is all fine and good to say that you were nominated but the truth is you lost if you did not win, nominated or not, does not put that statue on your mantel, puts it in the mental.

Moreover it is not who wins that matter to me, it is what will they wear today that matters to me. I want to know who will wear something gorgeous like Kidman always does or something daring like my favorite Helena Bonham Carter and who will dress like The Ugly Freak. [Read more...]

Daytona Arena Blood Lust

Daytona 500

So, here we are again boys and girls celebrating Daytona 500 day. You know that amazing day where all these grown men get into perfectly good, expensive cars, knowing full well, I might add, that they might get smashed to smithereens. Yep, they know it, they have spent the money and will do it anyway.

Talking to a friend last might, I suggested that it was amazing that throngs watch cars going around in circles the same direction for hours. That crazy woman screamed, “But sometimes they crash!” [Read more...]

Hand Gestures You Need to Know

Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbors Day.

Yes, today is another strange day, so kindly, wave at your neighbor. Not that way, even if you are mad, just use all your fingers.

Hand gestures have been a form of communication since man was on this earth. Without speech, we used hand gestures. Even with speech we still use our hands. Here are some ways that are good and some not so good ways to use your hands, but not today. Keep it for another day. Behave!

  • Clenched fist: is used as a gesture of defiance or solidarity.
  • Benediction and blessing: The benediction gesture is a raised right hand with the ring and little finger fingers touching the palm, while the middle and index fingers remain raised.
  • Blah-blah: The fingers are kept straight and together, held horizontal, while the thumb points downwards. The fingers and thumb then snap together repeatedly to suggest a mouth talking.
  • Check, please: This gesture, used to mean that a diner wishes to pay the bill and depart, done by touching the index finger and thumb together and “writing”.
  • Crossed fingers: are used to superstitiously wish for good luck or to nullify a promise.
  • Cuckoo sign: touched or screw loose. In North America, making a circling motion of the index finger at the ear or side of the head signifies that the person “has a screw loose”.
  • Middle finger salute: The finger is an obscene hand gesture used in much of Western culture.
  • High five: slapping the palms together.
  • Fist bump: just what it says for brotherhood.
  • Hitchhiking: thumb out.
  • Money sign: with thumb and two first fingers rubbing together.
  • Patience: thumb and next two fingers together and the whole hand is raised up and down three times in a sign of wait, be patient.
  • Talk to the hand: extending the open palm away from you towards the other person.
  • V sign, peace: index and middle fingers lifted up in and open.
  • Thumbs up: assent and approval.
  • Thumb down: means hate it, don’t approve or kill the contestant in the arena.
  • Shaka: sign of Hawaii salute, three middle fingers down, thumb and pinky up and waggle the hand.

Love What You Do!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –
  —  Confucius

I did not realize the truth of that statement and wisdom until today. About a month ago, I decided to quit my technical, well paying job and place my undivided attention to writing and reading.

It has been a month now; with days, I have spent wondering, if I did the wrong thing. Days wondering if I am working. Wondering when I should start doing what I set out to do. Suddenly, holding this incredible book that I was reading, “Winter Solistice” by Rosamunde Pilcher, sitting before the ocean, I realized, that, I was working.

The only difference was, it did not feel like work since I loved what I was doing so much and would do it anyway, even if, it was not the means for me to make a living.

Overwhelmed by the realization, I was thanking God and feeling grateful for this act of mercy on His part. I can actually do what I love to do and make a living at it also.

It only took me a whole year to decided to take the right step in the right direction, leaving behind the security of my old job. I was stunned at the possibilities and frightened at the failures. If I fail, it will be a glorious failure, having spent time expressing and reading and writing and living. If I succeed, then I have accomplished what everyone sets out to do, love what they do and do it well.

Nothing is more fulfilling than to love the job that you do knowing that you can do it with grace and abandon. Never had I stopped writing, never had I stopped reading. But, to read and write for a job, is more than I could have dreamed of.

Stephen King said that if you have no time to read, you have no skills to write. Your tools are broken. So, from that I learned that the wonderful time reading was actually honing up on my skills and techniques. God bless you, Mr. King. You are my hero.

Writing is not about equipment, writing is about the tools your have, your words and the ones you learn along the way. How you say them, convey them and execute them in ways to move and entice your audience.

When all is said and done, I want to go out of this world some day, saying that I have done the things I wanted to do and loved to do. I do not want to regret the days I have spent without trying at least to do it.

Failing Kindergarten! Now what?

Dear Baba Rumcake,

I’m crazy about this girl, who won’t have me.

Or, rather, she won’t have me, again.

But I’ve got a gf. I shouldn’t even want, anyone else. The gf is a good person, attractive, sweet. The passion is understated, though. And, I think she’s got some deep seated issues. She’s very quiet.

Is being excited about someone a turnoff for them? I never seem to get the ones I’m excited about.

Wanting in Wichita

Dear Wanting,

I did not miss the word ‘again’ in your note. You need to be clear in your own head about what you want.

So, you did have this girl, and she wanted you, at one time. So, the question is, did you, break it off? And if you did, did you do it, because of the same reasons, that you do not want the new girlfriend? Are you just a greedy, unsatisfied scumbag?

Seems to me, you are not satisfied with what you have, period! It does not matter which girlfriend you get, you will want another.

Not to mention, your innocent, present girlfriend, who has no idea that you are such a low life. If there is no passion, leave her. At least you give her a chance to find someone who has the same level of desire.

You obviously did not learn anything in kindergarten. Namely, being happy with the toy you have, instead of going over and taking another one for yourself. Seems to me, you like wanting what you cannot have.

As for your next question, you are correct. Yes, most people get creeped out, by insistent, unwanted advances.

Stay away from the old, appreciate the new!

Blessings on wanting what you have, instead of having what you cannot,
Baba Rumcake