The Title of the Book Matters Little

What mattered to me was the impact it had on my reader. I am not selling you my book, I am sharing an incredible review that warmed my heart and reminded me again why I write.


Review on Amazon for one of the short stories:
I can’t explain why this short story by Sonia Rumzi has impacted me to the depth that it has. Perhaps it is because my spouse has died, and it presents a completely different perspective on what awaits us.

Whatever the reason, I am so very glad that I read this book. It has touched my heart – dare I say, my soul – and offered comfort – for which I sincerely thank the author.

From Hibiscus

Thank you whoever you are out there. I am honored and gratified.

Women of Today Get Little Help to do it all!

She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. Proverbs 31:15 King James Version


A woman is the crown glory of her husband. She makes him proud. She is not lazy. In all her ways she makes him profit. Never idle hands, she weaves, buys, sells and keeps things under control in her household.

What no one ever reminds you of, is that she had servants to do it all.

She never did it on her own like most women do nowadays.

Kudos to you women of today! You are woman! Hear you roar!

Allowing Dog to Piddle In Tennis Courts

Dear Baba Rumcake,
I was admonished by a man in the tennis courts because my wonderful and very old dog Ruff peed on the net. I apologized for my dog’s mishap but he kept shouting at me. He even suggested I should come back with a towel to clean under the net. I was very upset with the encounter. I felt harassed and worried for my safety. I quickly exited the chain link fence and headed out.
How should I have dealt with this? How should I deal with it next time?
Concerned in Oahu

Dear Concerned,
I’m even calling you dear much to my consternation and dismay.

You walked your dog, old as it may be, in a fenced tennis court. You let bowzer piss on the net? Naturally it dripped to the ground making a puddle.

Now you want to know what do next time?

How about being less of a cretin and not taking your dog into the fenced-in tennis courts where he pisses all over the place. Balls will roll into the acrid urine getting disgusting and nasty for others to handle.

Mishap? Mishap indeed but it is not the dog’s mishap. It is your own lack of discipline. You are the owner, the human, the accountable one. You are the one who put yourself in that unseemly position. Get a life! The world is not your toilet and not your dog’s either.

A poor excuse of a dog caretaker. A perfect example of irresponsibility. It is your own poor judgment and lack of social skills that placed you in that unseemly position.

Your fear of the man who confronted you comes from your inability to take responsibility for your behavior. If you want to know what to do next time, do not allow your dog in the courts. Not so hard. Not so difficult.

That should take care of your problem. If you had half a brain. Assuming you were not raised in a barn.

In Pursuit of Education and Refinement

Newport Marina.jpg

Sherry Yassa Forde Art

“No. I dont want that piano. I don’t care that it’s free. It’s old, the keys are old and the hammers are probably a mess.”

“But the boys are learning,” I attempted thinking of how snobbish she sounded.

Silent for a few seconds pondering whether it is worth explaining, she sighs. Then explains.

“When my oldest turned three, I bought the small keyboard for $20 just in case I wanted to teach him how to play. I did. It had two sets of scales,” she adds laughing. “After two years, I bought the larger one for $100. They are both learning just fine.”

“Sounds great and the larger piano will get them where you want them.”

She sighs again as though saying, you don’t get it. I guess I did not. Initially!

But explains further.

“I don’t want them to be concert pianists. I just wanted to know that if they decided to be concert pianists, they had the basis. Do you know what I mean Mom?”

I nod.

“Just last week, my husband was at the piano and my little one stood beside him. My husband was having trouble and so the boy said, “Look Daddy, just read the notes. All you have to do is read the notes. It’s easy.”

I laugh. “He thinks everyone can read notes?”

“Well yes. He’s been doing it since he was two. He can’t imagine anyone else can’t.”

In the end:
When something seems strange to you, you may not be seeing the whole picture. At times people may be doing things out of your scope of understanding. It may seem wrong or strange. But never mind. Open your heart and eyes. Wait and see! They may not be so off the mark. They may have their own ideas of how they want to go about doing things.

Be gentle with others.

Before You Point A Finger At Our Troops


Before you complain whine and moan about the Taliban and their rights, check out Bibi. After fleeing her husband’s brutality and returning to her father’s home, the Talian came and demanded her return.

Without recourse the father gave his daughter back. Her brother-in-law held her down while her husband cut off her ears and nose. Nice people! Left her for dead until our troops found her and rescued her.

Get al life! Get off the backs of our troops. They defend us and are under strain. Oh and by the way, she was alive not already dead when they mutilated her.

Before you complain about our troops check out the Christians killed in Egypt by the same types of men you are so concerned about.

Life is not so easy for people in those countries and our troops are there so they would not come here, to your homes.

Protect our troops!

Punish the ones who do stupid unseemly things but do not condemn the whole for the arrogance of a few.

10 Things to an Effective Worker


Be the bloom in the desert
The light in the dark


10- Be on time.
It does not matter that your Boss does not care, when, you arrive. Be on time. It should be noted by everyone and your Boss, that you always show up at a specific time. It makes you reliable.
Reputation: Reliable

9- Listen to instructions.
When someone is teaching you something about the job, listen carefully, even if you know it. There is nothing more frustrating than teaching someone something, then having them go out and do it wrong anyway. It makes you look stupid.
Reputation: Teachable

8- Watch your expressions.
Yes, people do notice when you roll your eyes and when you raise your eyebrows and when you make faces. Watch the expressions that tell others that they are crazy or stupid. Does not make for good relations at work.
Reputation: Positive

7- Watch your body language.
If you sit in a meeting, arms crossed and scowling, you give the impression that you are closed off to instruction and ideas. If you stiffen, every time your boss suggests something, they will notice your non compliance. Relax! It is, only, where you get a paycheck.
Reputation: Team-player

6- Do not gossip.
Even if you think the story is true. Even if you know the story is true and the person told you themselves. Resist the temptation to confirm it. Resist the temptation to repeat it. Also, surprisingly, resist the temptation to have it repeated to you. You will be accused of spreading it, eventually.
Reputation: Trustworthy

5- Do not write anything incriminating in your work e-mail.
People think that their e-mail is private. It is not. Your IT can access your e-mail anytime. They know how long you are on the net, too. They have the history of where you have been, also. Anything you write on e-mail belongs to your workplace. Suggestion: do not write that, you hate your boss on e-mail.
Reputation: Smart

4- Never use empty threats.
Never ever threaten to quit or get a better job, unless you really plan on doing it. If you ever threaten to leave, you need to leave immediately. Nothing is more disgusting than empty threats that your boss will recognize eventually when you linger on.
Reputation: Genuine

3- Make sure you are an expert in your field.
If you want to be respected and wanted, know your business. If you know your work marginally, then you can be replaced. If you know your work thoroughly and do it well, you are invaluable to your employer.
Reputation: Go-To

2- Share your knowledge with other workers.
Sharing your expertise and your knowledge with other employees puts you on a stronger footing with management. It shows that you know your field. It also shows that you are not afraid to be replaced. You are the asset.
Reputation: An Asset

1- Be a Team Player.
Nothing is harder than this one. You will, meet people, who are better, than you are, in the job, and many many, who perform very poorly. Your role as a strong, solid worker is to be able to manage working with both. Pick up the pace when you need to move things forward with the weak links. But, step back and learn from the ones who are better and can teach you things.
Reputation: Dependable

Follow these or some of the rules and you will be noticed and rewarded.

Review: At Road’s End by Zoe Saadia

At Road's End book coverJust because someone knows right from wrong does not always make it right or wrong for another. In the end, even if you are a great warrior or have much wisdom to impart, if your attitude is poor and you treat others with disdain, they are less likely to listen to you.

In her own way, with grace and charm Zoe Saadia manages to tell an old story with different twists. Lilting in her tale, she describes ancient sites and with great imagination, its people. A historical novel is hard to write at best but Saadia does it with ease in At Road’s End.

Saadia researched her subject and hints through the book without bashing one in the head, at describing the surroundings. She makes it a joy to read descriptions as seen from the eyes of her characters. She makes it pertinent to the story and not just for the sake of narration. She is a wonderful story teller.

Class distinctions, cultural differences and prejudice are not easy subjects. So along with credible narration, she peeks into the hearts of some people of those times. The story even crackles with sexuality but always gracefully, keeping the love story fraught with tension.

Meet Tecpatl and Sakuna, you will not regret it. Excellent book. Wonderful story and so well done.


Sonia sez: Zoe Saadia is a talented and amazing author. Her historical novels are well written and not boring. So well done.

Sometimes Four Books a Day

I have set up a reading goal for this year, as I always do. I am reading between 150-200 books. To accomplish this, I have to read all the time. Since I cannot read all the time, I decided on a new way of reading. Listening.

Most of my days are spent in the Kapolei library in Oahu. I write the whole day, edit and manipulate my manuscripts till about three in the afternoon. After which my husband picks me up and I head home to make dinner for the family.

In the last month or so, I decided to make myself a knitted back pack which holds my Kindle. Yep, you heard me. It holds my Kindle and I listen to my books.


So, I listen while I cook, while I clean even while I take my walk in the evening. When I sit down later with my knitting or crochet, I put my ears on and listen while I do hats or blankets. In the last week, I learned to do Origami while listening to my books.


I am way ahead on my reading…ummm listening. So wonderful! You cannot be a writer without reading and now I can read while I keep my hands busy. Genius.