Quilt Because It’s Beautiful

QuiltToday is National Quilting Day.

I wonder if you have ever looked closely at a quilt and what it takes to create one? It is a wonder and an amazement to look at those close stitches one after the other, one as close to the other as possible. When I was being taught how to properly quilt, the stitches, I was informed, had to be 13 stitches to the inch. Imagine how tight and how small that is. [Read more…]

Innovative in Incline Village

Dear Baba Rumcake,

He doesn’t have life balance.

I can have a job, several creative projects, a relationship and pets and hobbies. He thinks that, me having hobbies and projects, takes away time from him, and I shouldn’t have any outside interests.

I don’t know what to do. If I’m not creating something, I feel like I will die. I know lots of girls who do what I do, and they have really cool bfs with their projects and hobbies. I don’t know why he can’t be cool like those guys are and they are so supportive too.

Innovative in Incline Village

Dear Innovative,

Sounds to me, like this nettlesome guy, is not interested in you, at all. This obnoxious person, is only interested, in what you, can do, for him.

He also sounds weak and unconfident. Cutting you off, from what you like to do, to ‘wait’ on him, is a bad sign of insecurity.

Your mate, should encourage you to grow and feel alive. Run! Get away from this guy. People do not change that drastically without Spiritual intervention. Since, he sounds self centered and egotistical, I do not see this happening for you with him.

Find out what it is you like about this guy so much? Look at what it is, that attracts you to someone so dependent and narcissistic? You need to find out more about your choices and why you are attracted to this bozo.

You might find out a lot about yourself through your search.

Wishing you blessings in dumping the trash, and continued creativity,

Baba Rumcake