Debunked in Danbury

Dear Baba Rumcake,

When a woman passes by you and gives you a smile while passing by, how do you know she’s just being friendly or is romantically interested in me? Are there any indicators either way?

Debunked in Danbury

Dear DD,

Assume that she is not romantically interested in you.  Unless you are a rock star, sports star, or celebrity, she is probably grimacing at the thought that you might speak to her as you cross in the night. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?  No one is going to be attracted to you from a 3-second glance.  That is not a smile, it is a rictus of discomfort.

There are approximately 43 reasons why one person smiles at another.  You make her nervous.  He thinks you are stupid.  She can’t think of anything to say.  He is sucking a sesame seed from his front teeth.  When a baby smiles at you, it is not happy to see you, it is farting.  Get over yourself.  The best indication of a woman’s interest in you is as simple as it is ontological:  if she smiles at you while she passes you by… SHE IS PASSING YOU BY!  Get it?  If she were interested in you, she would abort her initial trajectory and find some excuse to stick around.

By the time a woman is old enough for a romantic tryst, she is no doubt adept at signaling her intentions to even the most oblivious knucklehead.  You will have no cause for confusion.  If you are not certain, the answer is no.  Things like instant attraction rarely happen in real life, and when they do, they are the worst possible basis for a relationship.  For a woman to be attracted to you she will have to get to know you and then, for reasons of her own, overlook the obvious.

Blessings on your next encounter. Let me know when it gets serious.
Baba Rumcake

Sensitive Skin Fallacy

Saying that your face is sensitive is a true fallacy that seems to be prevalent amongst women of ages twenty through fifty.

Our face is probably one of the toughest parts of our body since it is most exposed to the elements.  Our face is in the sun, the wind and the heat, the cold and the salt in general.  We cover our torso and legs and leave our face exposed.


Now, take battery acid and pour it all over your face and it will react poorly.


Most high end products use preservative synthetic chemical products.  The promise to smooth wrinkles and strip the face of impurities is done with harsh chemicals.


So, everyone is led to believe that their face is “sensitive”.


Treat your face right and you will get healthy skin.  Do not pour chemicals and plastics on your face and then suggest that you have sensitive skin.


Treat your face with respect.  Your face takes a beating as it is, it is facing everything before the rest of your body gets to experience it.


When you eat poorly, your face suffers and you end up with zits, blackheads and white heads.  Avoid fried foods, of course, nothing new there.


Eat more olive oil.   Eat fresh foods.  Eat raw foods.  Do not cut out the cooked healthy foods either.  Eat.


Stay away from white flour, white breads and pasta.  Stay away from white potatoes,  eat sweet potatoes.


Take the time to figure out what you do to cause break outs on your face and protect it from harsh chemicals and unnatural products.


Read the labels and if you do not recognize something, do not use it until you are satisfied that you know what it is.  Protect your face.??