Irresponsible Dad Problem Not Lazy Son

I have been married for many years, and my husband and I live together. His unemployed and (otherwise homeless) adult son lives with us as well. We have 3 young children from our marriage together. His son does not respect ANY of the rules of the house, doesn’t do any chores, doesn’t contribute anything positive at all. He lies. Disrupts the household. Yells at me and the kids.

How do I tell my husband me and the kids or his son?
Living In Turmoil

Dear Living In Turmoil,

Are you frikking kidding me! Why would you even want to stay with that moron who did such a lousy job with his first son? He will do the same for the other three and they will all end up at your doorstep, all homeless and needy.

If you do not see that this situation is on the whole bad for all of you, I am not sure that you hold a job that needs any intelligence. What in the world are you waiting for? An act of Congress to get your butt out of there and protect your children from this lazy, no good, user? Well, you will wait a long time since they don’t have their act together either.

Get off your scared lazy behind and take those children out of there before more harm is caused by the irresponsible behavior of the father. NOT the son, the DAD is the problem. His loose ideals will ruin all of them.
Blessings on your Oh so lame excuses,
-Baba Rumcake

TSA Tyrannical Shameful Acts

(T)otally (S)enseless (A)ntics

TSA Totally Shameful ActsC.S. Lewis said that the worst tyranny comes from the people or persons who claim that the thing they are doing to you, is what you need for your protection and your own good.

Our government has deemed it necessary to protect us. In the most nasty humiliating, disgusting and inefficient manner, they posture, gesture and on the whole, monkey around as they direct us, sheep and cattle, down one aisle or another to be groped and fondled, scanned and ogled.

This ineffective, ineffectual way of dealing with their own inadequacy has inconvenienced millions of people so that the manufacturers and the thieves who made those scanners would profit from the fear they instill in our feeble hearts. [Read more…]

Cheating How To Know

How to assess:

  • Feeling like something is wrong: trust you intuition. If you think something is wrong, pay attention. Unless of course you are one of those apt to find a problem everywhere.
  • Constant privacy: if they start to need more time “alone” to surf the net or to go out with friends or to just be without you and they did not do it before, something is up.
  • If they state that you are “just friends”: if suddenly you become just friends then something is on the back burner. They just have not had the courage to break off with you yet, since the other thing is not for sure yet.
  • I love you so much but not “in love” with you: this is the time to run the other way if things are not so deep. If you care then you have to figure out what is going on.
  • More showers than usual: Cheating people will often pay close attention to their grooming habits. Dress better, make sure their hair is perfect. There is a certain amount of normal in this but if it changes suddenly, pay attention, something is up, they are impressing someone.
  • Late evening work hours: a certain amount of late at work is reasonable but if starts up suddenly and keeps getting longer and more often then they are seeing someone else.
  • Needing space: when you are a couple, space is limited but when it is demanded when it was not before, something is up.

In general, the rule of thumb is to pay close attention if things change suddenly in areas that were normal for the two of you. Habits changing or attitudes even. If they get angry too quickly lately or never show up on time when they say they would. When you call they do not pick up.

Refrain from being paranoid but do not be stupid.

Recognizing God In Your Daily Walk

Be-still.jpgBe Still and Know that I am God Psalm 46:10
My Utmost For His Highest
In the face of obscurity, in the face of ridicule, in the face of failure hanging onto the word of God will always bring about the victorious life.

My biggest fear was never that God would not come through for me, no He had always done that. Experience had shown that God was capable of doing the thing He had promised. My biggest fear was the humiliation of failing and causing others to see that this failure was not only me but Jesus Himself. [Read more…]