Never Invites Me to Partys

So I have a ? I have a fiance that never invites me with him to his friends partys he says I wont have fun but how would he know he never ask what do you think?


Dear Confused,

I refuse to correct your spelling errors, punctuation disasters and all round illiterate writing.

You are either blind, stupid or just want a man just to have one. If this boy does not introduce you to his friends, he is:

  • ashamed of you
  • has a wife
  • has a girlfriend
  • has another woman
  • dating others
  • sleeping with all

But most importantly, he is lying. Nothing is so strange or weird about behavior that is obvious. Seems to be obvious but not to you, I can see that. Just because a man uses the word fiance or engaged does not mean that he is not using it with another woman or even a wife.

Dump the bastard! He is a lying, scum bag and you need to get away from him. This will not end well and you will get hurt when you find out some day that he also children and a wife.

True Confessions Can Be Destructive

Tree in summerTrue Confessions Day

Please don’t be stupid and go confessing something that would cause trouble in your marriage or relationships in general. Just because today is True Confessions Day does not mean you should go into work and tell your Boss that you hate them, no matter how much you want to do it.

Just because today claims to be that day does not mean you have to tell your sister that if she was not family, you would never have thought of knowing her. It is not only creepy, it is rude and unnecessary.

Do not go and tell your spouse that you have been having an affair with her best friend. Who cares you silly sod. Keep it to yourself and do not ruin her life and her relationships. [Read more...]

Why Men Seek Youth

I saw this and thought i should post for women to see.
Free advice from Baba Rumcake that explains how some men are scumbags.

Bad News and the Good News…
Sorry if this is harsh but its good (life changing) advice.
The bad news is you are right. I am 32 and am not interested in girls my own age anymore. [Read more...]

Pull Ups For Wee Wee At Night!

Dear Baba Rumcake,
Why can’t we all just wear pull ups to bed?
Seriously, I would sleep so much better if I didn’t have to get up twice a night to pee.
Night P from Plenty

Dear Night P,
After I wiped laughter tears so I could see to write, I salute your courage on writing about such a fantastical idea. [Read more...]

You are an Emotional Moron!

Dear Baba Rumcake,
Do most relationships start out very gradually, like you hang out once a week or less for a while until it gradually increases? Or is it usually a couple of times a week right away?
Anybody have any luck dealing with women?
I call her. She hangs up. I call again. She hangs up.
Why the frack do women play these games?

WndrngY in Warren [Read more...]

The Big D, File or Not File?

Dear Baba Rumcake,
Moved out a year ago. I am paralyzed in trying to make a decision to file. I can’t even use the word. What do I do?
Indecisive in Independence

Dear Indecisive,
If you moved out of the schmuck’s house, I assume, he is not worth keeping. You made the first move now take the next step and set yourself free.

If I don’t wear something for six months, I give it away, throw it out or sell it. A year is a long time, to hang on to something that is way past its use.

Take the proverbial, thumb out of your mouth, and do the thing that needs to be done. No one else will do it for you. Cut the apron strings, cut up rough and get a move on!

There is no cause for waffling here. If you want to go back, do it. If you want to stay out, then file the papers and move on with the next phase of your uncertain life.

Healing will come; after closure.

Blessings on your reluctant self this day. Let me know how you do.

Baba Rumcake

Alone should not mean lonely!

Dear Baba Rumcake,

Hi! How does one get past the lonely feelings?
Divorced Dan in Durham

Dear Divorced,
You can be alone, but not lonely.You need to learn to be by yourself. Your question implies that you have not learned to be by yourself, for any length of time.

Learning to be alone is an art, worth exploring. Join a Yoga group. Learn to meditate. Join a singles club. Get out, have coffee and engage with strangers.

People who cannot be alone, generally, do not like themselves. When you like someone, you spend time with them. You need to learn to like who you are. If there are things you do not like about yourself, this is the time to explore them and make the necessary changes. Consider this the transition time, for meeting the woman of your future.

You will survive. But that is not enough. You need to learn to partake of life. Get out there and live.

Blessings on your alone days. Let me know how it goes.
Baba Rumcake