Tooth Fairy Getting Expensive

tooth-fairy.jpgWe all know that witches are everywhere waiting, lurking to take parts of you to put in their brew, like finger nail clippings, hair from your brush, a snotty tissue and even your tooth.

When a child loses a tooth, it is a time to rejoice and be excited that they are growing up. That is the time you know that, your not so little one, is on the way to having hopefully healthy solid teeth to bite into solid foods with relish.

But, you want to make sure that when your precious little one loses a tooth, the bad witch does not get hold of it and use it in her nasty magic. The tooth is hidden under the pillow in a little pouch which only the parents know about and they retrieve it in the middle of the night and replace it with a coin. [Read more...]

Love and Money Equals Happiness?

Dear Baba Rumcake,

Tell me, is it really wrong to like someone more when you find out they have money? Assuming you liked them already.

Wondering in Wichita

Dear Wondering,
I suppose being a gold digger and a social climber is not so bad. There should be no reason for remorse about being shallow and superficial.

You already like the bloke, so there’s no harm in liking him more, for his dough, huh?
After all, money will bring with it comfort and future security. It makes a man seem more desirable since he can take care of you.

It is not so much wrong, as it is immoral. I am not sure that there is a definition to be set to it. Knowing that about yourself, knowing that there was a shift in sentiment over something that materialistic should make you stop and wonder what traits you have that need tweaking and modifying, they need.

I would take a harder look at yourself. A serious look at your trifling sensibilities. Character is what matters in the end. Dig deeper into yourself.

Remaining with him will only make you dependent, weak and less likely to be able to survive on your own, in the future.

The problem with those feelings of liking him more, is, you will overlook serious problems because you see dollar signs in your eyes, ignoring the major issues if they come up.

Blessings on your shaky future,
Baba Rumcake

Gay, Past Life; Are You Serious?

Dear Baba Rumcake,
I love my wife and children but occasionally, I like to be with men. Does that mean I was gay in a past life?

Tantalized from Cleveland

Dear Tantalized,

No, I would say, no. You were not gay, in a past life. You are gay, in this life.

Are you kidding, pal? I got it, that, you lived your life hiding behind the marriage certificate, bully for you. You have children too, very clever. I imagine, that you think that you are outsmarting everyone who loves you, by having such a great cover. You are not the first nor will you be the last man to do that.

It is interesting that you would want to believe that you were gay in a past life so that you would not admit that you are gay right now, in this life, at this moment. Which makes you an imaginative jughead.

If you continue down that path, it will be alright for a while, I guess, but not for long. Since you are gay, you will make mistakes and will get caught. When your wife finds out, she will probably want to bash your head in. Forewarned is forearmed!

Either stay off the “sauce” or get out, of the proverbial, closet, and live your life the way you want to live it.

So, just to clarify, so that there would be no mistakes about my answer to you, I will explain again.

You are gay. Do not make witless excuses for your needs.

Any man, who wants to be, with another man, is gay. Grow up! Past lives excuse, is for Quixotic dimwits.

Blessings on your past life.

Baba Rumcake

Okay, So You’re Not Cool

Dear Baba Rumcake,

I just want to be cool. I mean really cool.
Like, just look f***ing cool, say cool s**t, have people think I’m cool, to be flat out cool.
Style, taste, detached cool vibe…
But I’m not. What should I do?

UnCool in Utah

Dear UnCool,

I am not sure what the definition of cool is in your world. Where you come from, do your loser people find you uncool also. Did it take you long to get to earth? Welcome!

If you mean by cool, like James Dean, oh, sorry you probably don’t even know, who James Dean is. Let’s try again! If you want to be cool like LJCool or some rapper person, go for it. Dress up and be phat. Do your thing and be funky.

Waste some time looking at magazines, finding that look that you want. Then, go out and waste money on the look that will make you feel cool. Be like Eminem or Lil Wayne. Cool indeed! Like Justin Bieber!

On the other hand, one is either cool or not. I am not sure that this approach or any approach will make you awesome, the way you mean. It’s alright to be a loser if you know that you are not hip. Cool is a state of mind. No amount of dress will make you un-geeky. You will only look like a pillock.

Cool is an attitude! By thinking that there is a way to behave, you are already losing the battle. Cool is inside. Cool is the knowledge that you know who you are, inside.

You sound to me like you want to be anyone but yourself. You have this silly image of coolness, and you want to force feed yourself that persona.

Maybe when they come, in the ship, to take you back home, you can get over this obsession with coolness and be your weird self.

God bless on your silly obsession,
Baba Rumcake

Tempted in Tampa

Dear Baba Rumcake,

To divorce or not divorce …that is the question.

I am at the point where I think a sweet affair would be the momentary lovely balm to the sunburn. I am out here for one special woman… perhaps in a similar circumstance… if only to write about things… first…
What do you think?
Tempted in Tampa

Dear Tempted,
You may end up with blood poisoning, after, that “momentary lovely balm to the sunburn”.

You know the old adage from the Baptists, Dancing leads to sex. Well, in this case, writing, leads to meeting; then meeting leads to screwing. Now we are talking, serious involvement.

Be aware, that you might get, what you are looking for out there. Including, but not limited to, horrible diseases and crooks.

If you start another relationship, before trying to fix this one, you will end up in the same rut again. Nothing new there.

Once you allow yourself the possibility of cheating, you will cheat. If losing the woman you are married to, is not a problem, then by all means, go for it. If it is an issue, stay off that course.

Blessings and may the burn reach where you cannot itch.

Baba Rumcake

Have You Ever Been on Stage?

The one and only time I appeared on stage, was in a Faux Drag Queen, contest. Yep, you heard me. I wanted to do Victor Victoria.

For you, young ones, who know nothing of that wonderful movie, it is with Julie Andrews pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman. A wonderful musical starring James Garner also.

On the telephone, the organizer gave me instructions, “Lots and lots of hair darling. Lots and lots and lots of make up. More, more, more! It is never enough,” he, encouraged me.

Buying a long curly huge red wig, I was armed, with trashy beauty. That get up, was used for my pageant, interview on stage. My pink flapper dress and purple bob topped with a pink boa, for the actual act.

Performing a dance while lip synching to “Woman” by Peggy Lee, where I bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan; I take off my ugly house dress. Underneath, I appear in my flapper telling him, that I can take care of him too, making him feel like a man.

Being on stage was amazing. I thought I would panic or feel nervous. I did not! I was electrified, filled with excitement and joy of the performance. Standing before everyone in a gaudy dress, swishing away and undulating filled me with a sense of wonderment. I could not see the audience, the lights were glaring but I could hear the laughter and the happiness. I reveled in it.

It was the one and only time I was or performed on stage. Would I do it again? I might under the right circumstances which I will never know until I am asked.

How do I stay focused?

If you can do more than one thing at a time, you are one of the fortunate ones who multi tasks. These people can read, watch television, talk to their children and their spouse while having something cooking on the stove. You get the picture.

Most of us, have to set up the scene. A quiet place, with the table set up, just so, the correct angle of the dangle, our head in the right place, with the right music and the right incentive, even.

Watching a lady, this morning, who comes in every day, to this Starbucks; I realized, that it took a lot more than just setting things up; it took, attitude.

This lady, sets herself up, at Starbucks, at a certain table, where, she could see anyone coming in, or out, of the store. She is focused, on one thing, her sales, of Mary Kay. She talks to everyone, she prattled even to people who did not want to talk to her. She is incessant, in her pursuit of her trade. Everything she did this morning, was geared towards her sales. Every word out of her mouth ended with a sales pitch. She, was focused, on her trade in this noisy environment. As a customer slipped out, quietly, and disappeared, she ran out, opened the door and called after them, loudly, by name. She remembered everyone, by name. Talk about focus!

Focus, is in the mind! Focus, comes from inside. When I decide to focus, and do something, I shut out everything else, no matter where I am. The setting is never important anymore. As I get older, I find that my focus is more intense. I am capable of doing things without interruption since I choose to do it.

Self control, is the meat and potatoes, of focus. If I choose to focus, wherever I am, I accomplish most of my tasks. Nothing, deters my focus but myself. And, I do not allow for that to happen.

Staying in the moment, helps keep me, on the substance of the matter. A wandering mind would be more of a problem than the surroundings. The emphasis should be on the task at hand, allowing for less mind roaming.

Habits are hard to break. It takes, three days, to break a good habit, but, 15 days to develop a new one. This drifting of the mind, takes time and effort to command. Time to rein in the deviating mind, bringing it under focus.

Learning presence of mind, I achieved the capability to work in any environment. It matters little, where, I am. Capable of focusing, and doing the work that I need to do, my mind stays on the mission, without a problem. Managing to tune out most of the world around me, distancing myself, helps me remain on the task before me, accomplishing my goals without influence. Interruptions are inevitable, but so what? When I get distracted, for a few minutes, I get back quickly to my inner space and continue my work.

Being productive is not about being isolated, physically. To my understanding and experience, it is being isolated in my head. Keeping a clear mind, free of distractions.

I keep plugging on! I have a goal in mind. It keeps me focused.